Thursday, April 27, 2017

Veg saagu recipe | Mixed veg sagu

Veg sagu is a kannadiga special recipe made with lots of vegetables in aromatic gravy with Indian spices. Though i have never tasted Veg sagu in MTR restaurant here, i have tasted this in my friend's place long back but couldn't remember the taste. A reader and good friend of mine shared her traditional recipe of making Veg saagu with me. I tried it yesterday and we all loved it. This veg sagu pairs well with set dosa and poori. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Teh tarik recipe | Condensed milk tea


Teh tarik, the term i heard it first when i moved to Singapore. It is nothing but our tea with condensed milk. They don't use milk for making this tea. In the local Kopitiam(cafe) language it is called Teh . This a popular Malaysian beverage. The terms they use for different beverages are quite unique and you should really know the Kopitiam language before placing the order. Though i live here for almost 9 years now, i never visited any local food court Kopitiams. Few years back i had Teh tarik, when we went with a group of friends to toast box, after a morning run. When we were kids, amma used to make tea with milk and whenever we have condensed milk at home, after making some kheers, she will pour some hot water to the tin and add it to the boiling milk tea. This tea will be thick and the taste will be awesome. Those days buying condensed milk is very rare and we will look forward to that too.
 Very recently, when i accompanied one of our friend to a hospital, after the consultation, we went to the Kopitiam inside the hospital campus. I ordered this Teh  and since it was an open kitchen, saw the guy making the tea. He made it in 2 minutes and it really tasted very nice. I had a tin of condensed milk at home and tried it this morning. I could say it tasted so perfect to the one served in the cafe. When you plan to make any payasam recipe using condensed milk, try out this teh at home.
In traditional teh tarik, after adding all the ingredients they will bring it to froth, which they call pulled tea. But i haven't seen that here in Singapore,but feel free to froth it up if you wish that way.
Disclaimer: I don't claim that it is the authentic way of making Teh tarik. If you have any tips or variations on this recipe please share in comments section

Friday, April 21, 2017

Corn kebab recipe | Corn kabab

Corn kebab | corn kabab recipe i tried for the first time during the kids term break. When i called Varun's friends for a lunch at home, i made corn kebab and paneer pizza for the boys. The kebabs were vanished in no time. I have posted corn cheese balls in jeyashris kitchen but these corn kebabs are not there. I made this yesterday and clicked the pictures. I wanted to take a video of corn kebab recipe but couldn't make it. Will upload an video when i make it next time. Check out my Hara bhara kebab recipe with video. 
Please check the notes section to see more healthy variations.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pineapple Mocktail recipe | Summer cooler recipes

Pineapple mocktail made with pineapple, curry leaves, ginger and tender coconut water. I ahve already posted a pineapple orange juice combo and a grape orange juice with ginger. Last week when Raks visited our house casually, i made a Pineapple juice for her by adding freshly squeezed orange juice to this. I made it for everyone at home and it was a super hit at home. So i thought of making this as a post for jeyashris kitchen and took the video of pineapple mocktail yesterday. Thsi time i tried with tender coconut water and replaced mint leaves with curry leaves. I thoroughly enjoyed a tall glass of pineapple elaneer mocktail after shooting the video and the clicks. Stay hydrated this summer and enjoy this summer drink.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Grilled Mediterranean Vegetable Sandwich

Grilled Mediterranean Vegetable sandwich, is made with roasting veggies on tawa and stuffed inside the sandwich. Usually i make corn spinach sandwich and open bread masala sandwich for kids. I have watched a recipe of Mediterranean sandwich recipe in Venkatesh bhat show last year. When i recently, saw a pack of Panini bread in Fairprice shop, it reminded me of this sandwich recipe and tried at home. Since the video visuals are clear in my mind, i just went ahead and tried it for kids lunch box last week. To my surprise it was a huge hit, especially Varun who is bit fussy about trying new foods, loved it a lot. I had a pack of whole meal bread at home so wanted the sandwich using with that. Try this recipe and home and let me know how it turned out. Check out the notes section for variations.
We had this sandwich along with a pineapple coconut water mocktail. Will post the recipe soon.
Mediterranean veg sandwich

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Kadala paruppu payasam | Chana dal kheer

Kadala paruppu payasam | chana dal payasam made with coconut milk and jaggery is used for sweetness. Generally in most of the Tamil brahmin homes we make paruppu payasam for all occasions. We make it using paasi paruppu and jaggery. Some people add little chana dal to that. Recently one of my friend shared this kadala paruppu payasam, in kerala they call it as kadala parippu pradaman. Generally Keralites make it in traditional uruli(a heavy bottomed brass vessel), as the kheer needs to boil for a long time. I don't claim this as authentic kerala pradaman but we all loved it a lot. I was about to post caramel payasam today but the video didn't turn out well. Will post it soon. Since tomorrow is Tamil new year | Vishu, make this kadala paruppu payasam and celebrate the New year.
Kadala paruppu payasam

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Neem flower Rasam | Tamil New year recipes

Neem flower- rasam

Neem flower rasam |vempam poo rasam is made in all South Indian homes on Tamil New year | Tamil varusha pirappu. I have already posted the veppam poo rasam of my mil's version few years back. Though i am not a big fan of this neem flower rasam, this version i loved it very much. I learnt this from my cousin who taught me when she visited me few months back. I have posted a garlic rasam(with coconut milk), which i learnt from her. This is yet another flavourful and tasty neem flower rasam, which is her signature recipe too. As Tamil new year is coming up in few days (April 14th), i wanted to post this recipe of neem flower rasam |vempam poo rasam. Check out my full collection of Tamil new year recipes. 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Pavakkai curry recipe | Bitter gourd curry

Pavakkai | bittergourd|Karela dry curry made with fresh ground peanut based masala. We are a big fan of pavakkai curry from the childhood. Though it sound wierd, but yes,we are,as our mom makes it so yummy and we will look forward to it. We get one more variety of pavakkai, the mini ones called as medhi pavakkai, which i had rarely seen in chennai. We used to get it quite often in our native place. I haven't shared my mom's version of pavakkai curry in jeyashri's kitchen yet. This version i learnt from my friend Revathi. She shared the recipe and also made it one day and sent for me for tasting. Two days back i made this curry and we all liked it. Some how kids also had a small portion of the curry too. Check out my Bitter gourd fry recipe.
Bitter gourd curry

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Spinach tomato pasta | Easy pasta recipes

Recipe with video
Spinach-tomato pasta
Creamy spinach tomato pasta made with spaghetti pasta. Two days back, when I and Varsha were browsing in Pinterest, found many interesting vegetarian pasta recipes. We both decided to go for the spinach tomato pasta after browsing lot of recipes. After seeing many recipes in that category, we both come up with our own recipe, which sounded so easy for me to try it out too. I have a box of cute baby spinach recipes, which i got from Fairprice. I made this for my lunch today and reserved a portion for Varun too and he had the pasta after coming back from school. Varsha couldn't taste this as she went to her friend's house today. But i promised her that i will make this again for her tomorrow.  Make this simple delicious creamy spinach pasta and enjoy your meal.
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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Beetroot chaas recipe | Summer cooler recipes

Beetroot chaas|Chukandar chaas is a healthy summer cooler recipe. It is similar to the masala chaas but the addition of beetroot makes it more healthy. Beetroot, yogurt and few spices, just mix everything and consume on hot sunny day. We south Indians make neer mor during summer. My mom used to make neer mor in the morning, during summer days and keep it in a big jug in the refrigerator. We have to finish that by evening. Those days we are never exposed to any aerated or bottle juices. Also we have 4 coconut trees in the house and we used to get fresh organic ilaneer from the home grown trees. Stay hydrated in the summer by taking home made summer coolers.

Beetroot chaas

  Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 5 Mins |Serves: 3

    Beetroot  1/2
    Green chili  1/2
    Ginger  a small piece
    Cumin seeds  1/2 tsp
    Yogurt   1 and 1/2 cup
     Water  1 cup
     Chaat masala 1/4 tsp
     Salt  as needed

  • Chop the beetroot into cubes and cook in little water for 5 minutes. You can skip this step and straight away proceed to grind the ingredients.
  • You can roast the beetroot in the oven too. 
  • Allow this to completely cool. No need to drain the water.
beetroot-chaas 1
  • Grind the beetroot, yogurt, green chili,ginger,cumin seeds along with salt.
  • Grind into a smooth paste. 
beetroot-chaas 2
  • You can straight away serve this but i wanted to filter it. 
  • Filter the chaas and add chaat masala to this.
beetroot -chaas 3
  • Add 1 cup of water to bring it to a right consistency.
  • Serve chilled. 
beetroot -chaas
  1. You can temper the chaas with mustard seeds and hing as we do for south Indian neer mor.
  2. Roasted cumin powder can be added in the last while serving. 
  3. You can also add few mint leaves or coriander leaves while grinding.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Radish masala recipe | Side dish for chapathi

Radish masala | mullangi masala is a easy and delicious gravy made with radish and serves as a perfect side dish for chapathi | roti and even for dosa too. It even goes will with jeera rice too. I learnt this recipe from my friend's mom. When i went to her house to learn the triangle samosa recipe, i saw her cooking this radish masala. I noted down the masala recipe and this recipe i have given in the Aval vikatan Supplement magazine which i gave in 2014. We always make make radish sambar, radish paratha and sometimes add in salads but this side dish for roti is quite simple and yum too. I have slightly altered the recipe given by aunty. Enjoy this radish masala and let me know how it turned out.