Festival RecipesApple kheer Apple rabdi recipe

Apple kheer Apple rabdi recipe

apple kheer

Apple kheer | apple rabdi is a fruit based Indian sweet. I tasted this for the first time in a restaurant and noted down in my to do list. When i was seeing that list two days back, saw this apple kheer| apple rabdi recipe and thought of giving it a try for Janmashtami 2016. While talking with few of my friends yesterday, was talking about this apple kheer. One among them roughly gave me the idea of making the kheer | rabdi and gave few tips also. This apple rabdi turned out very well. Try thsi easy kheer for this krishnajayanthi and celebrate the festival. Check out my collection of Janmashtami recipes.  Check out my other related recipes.

Apple kheer | apple rabdi

  Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 35 minutes |Serves: 4-5

     Full cream milk    1 litre 
     Condensed milk   2 tblsp
     Apple   1
    Sugar   5 tsp
    Almonds   few
    Pistachios  few
    Saffron a pinch
    Cardamom powder  a pinch (optional)  
    Ghee  1 tsp


Video of apple rabdi


  • Wash the apple and grate the apples in a grater.
  • In a pan add ghee and saute the grated apples for 5 minutes .
apple kheer 1
  • Keep it aside.
  • Add milk in a heavy bottomed pan and stir well. 
apple kheer 3
  • Meanwhile soak the saffron and keep it aside.
  • Add condensed milk to the boiling milk.
apple kheer 4
  • Let this boil till volume of the milk gets reduced. 
  • Add saffron soaked milk to this.
  • Scrap the sides of the pan.
apple kheer 5
  • Chop the almonds and pistachios.
  • Once the milk starts thickening switch off the pan and add sugar to this.
  • I used unrefined sugar.
  • Mix well and add the sliced pistachios and almonds.
apple kheer 6
  • Allow this to completely cool.
  • Add the grated cooked apples to this and mix well.
apple kheer 7
  • Serve chilled.
Apple kheer
  • The kheer gets slightly thicker after refrigeration.
  • I added 1 small apple. You can add 1 more apple too.
  • Adding cooked apple in hot rabdi may curdle the milk, so add it once it is cool.


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