Cooking for GuestCooking for guests #12 | snack menu - onion pakoda bread upma...

Cooking for guests #12 | snack menu – onion pakoda bread upma and more

This week cooking for guests come with an interesting snack menu. When you call your friends or relatives during evening tea time , you can always make this menu and i am sure your guests will enjoy this menu. I made Onion pakoda,Bread upma and rava ladoo along with tea. Check my south indian tiffin menu which i have posted in guests series 7.

Bread upma is always a winner among guests. Rava ladoo you can make in advance and store in an airtight container.
Here is the menu :

I know it a long time pending for me to post the tea recipe, will post this in this week for sure.
Enjoy this weekend and see you all soon with interesting recipes coming week.

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