Mango recipes | Indian mango recipes

Mango recipes | Indian mango recipes – Collection of Indian mango recipes. All recipes with detailed step-by-step pictures, a few with videos too. Collection of over 40 plus mango recipes (both raw mango and ripe mango recipes)from Jeyashri’s Kitchen.

Mango is the king of fruits and is loved by all. My love for mangoes can’t be described in words. During my childhood days, amma used to buy mangoes in bulk. As mangoes are available in the summer season, we relish mangoes during our summer holidays. We get banganapally, rajapalayam sappatai, kallamai (kili mooku), kasaladdu, malgova varieties of mango in my native place Madurai. I vividly remember I used to take 3 big full mangoes in a day without even thinking of weight or anything. But appa always insists we should drink 1 glass of milk after eating mangoes as it balances the heat generated by mango.

After I got married, in Chennai I was introduced to Rumani and Neelam variety. Rumani will come towards the end of the season only. After relocating to Singapore, I was introduced to Alphonso mangoes by my friends. Here we get Alphonso and Banganapally in all Indian stores. Banganapally is widely available in local markets too. Apart from this, we get the local Thai mangoes throughout the year.  But I am a huge fan of Indian mangoes. I have posted many recipes using ripe mangoes and raw mangoes in Jeyashris kitchen. This page is a compilation of Indian mango recipes

After moving to Hongkong, I got to see few more varieites of mango in the local market. The local China mango which used to be in small miniature size used to very sweet. We also get the Vietnamese mango and Australian mango too here. I have tried all varieties of local mango available here. But my love of Indian mangoes is always high. For me, mangoes should be eaten as it is. I don’t like to cut the mango eat it in a very decent way. I always prefer to eat full mango, licking the seed part to the fullest. True mango lovers can relate to this right!

I have given many unique recipes in this post using Indian mangoes. So if you are thinking about what can we do with a lot of mangoes, scroll down to see the entire list of delicious mango recipes. All the mango lovers out there, do check out this post.

Indian mango recipes 






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