PickleMango thokku | manga thokku recipe

Mango thokku | manga thokku recipe

Mango thokku or manga thokku is one of my most favorite pickle. A best accompaniment for sambar rice, upmas, parathas and curd rice. My mom makes this very well and i still remember the days when she used to make mango thokku in bulk and store for 4-5 months. I made this thokku and clicked long back but it was lying in the draft for a long time. We are just back from a fantastic and fun filled India trip. Will get back to routine in a  day or two. Let me first finish off posting the recipes lying in my draft and will start with the new one from the next week.
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Mango thokku recipe

Mango Thokku

  Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time :20 mins |  Yields : 1 and 1/2 cup
    Raw mango     1 (Big)| Grated Mango 1 and 1/2 cup
    Red chilli powder    3-4 tsp
    Salt           As needed
    Asafoetida   1/2 tsp
    Sesame oil     4 tblsp
    Mustard seeds    1/2 tsp
    Curry leaves         few
    Jaggery      1 tsp



  • Take the skin of the mango and grate this using the carrot grater. In a heavy bottomed pan add sesame oil and throw in the mustard seeds , curry leaves and asafoetida. Add the grated mango to this.


  • Add red chili powder,turmeric powder and salt. Mix well and let this cook in a low flame.
  • When it comes to a whole mass add the jaggery.


  • Cook till it emits the oil . Switch off the flame once the thokku look glossy.


  • Mango thokku is ready. Allow this to completely cool. Store in a clean dry glass container. Do not store in stainless steel vessel.
  • Always use clean dry spoon to take the thokku.
  • You can refrigerate the thokku and use this upto 2-3 months.


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