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Millet tomato dosai recipe | thakkali dosai | millets in singapore

Millet is gaining more popularity now a days. Also including millets in your diet, is very healthy too.

Tomato dosai i wanted to try for a long time. During my vacation to Chennai, my sister made this for me but with normal idli rice. I thought i will replace rice with millet and tried tomato dosa with Kuthravali millet also called as Barnyard millet in English|Odalu in kannada|Jhangora in hindi, is a healthy variety of millet, helps to reduce cholesterol and also good for diabetics too. You can try out this dosa with samai and varagu too. Somehow thinai dosai gives little dry dosa. Check out my

Millet Tomato Dosai

  Preparation Time : 3 hours  | Cooking Time : 4 Min per dosa |Makes: 8-10 dosa

     Kuthravali arisi    1/2 cup
     Urad dal     4 tblsp
     Poha | aval   1 tblsp (optional)
     Tomato      2 (big)
     Red chili    3-4
     Toor dal    1 tblsp
     Salt    to taste 
     Oil    as required to make dosa    
     Onion   1 (optional) 

Millet-tomato dosai

  • Wash and soak the kuthravali rice, toor dal, urad dal and poha together for 3 hours. Even if you want to make this for morning breakfast can soak this overnight too.
  • Drain the water and grind this along with red chili. Pulse it once in the mixie and add the tomato. Just roughly cut the tomatoes and add to this and grind this into a fine paste.
kuthiravali dosai add-tomato
  • Add salt and also finely the chop the onions and add to the batter. Adding onion is optional.
  • Mix the batter well and let this stay for 15 minutes. This step is optional. You can make  it immediately too.
Add-salt Add-onion
  • Heat a tawa and when it is hot, keep the flame low. Pour a ladle full of dosa batter and spread the dosa into a round shape using the back of the ladle.
  • Once done on one side flip on the other side.
make-dosai tomato-dosai
  • Serve dosa immediately . Coconut chutney will go very well with this dosa.
Millet-tomato dosai
  1. Since tomatoes are added 3 chilies will not give much spice to the dosa.
  2. Adding onions is optional but if you are adding chop them very finely, else you can not spread the dosa smoothly.

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