Indian Lunch Menu ComboPaneer Methi makhani, masala rice, lunch menu 17

Paneer Methi makhani, masala rice, lunch menu 17

Paneer gravies are our all time favorites, and i prefer to relish it during the weekends. The Paneer methi makhani is one among my favorites in my Paneer recipes collection. When i was planning for this week’s lunch menu, i was thinking to make rotis only, but suddenly the idea of making plain paratha came in. It has been many years since i made it at home. We enjoyed the meal completely. We had some left over Millet curd rice and we had that in the last.

Today’s lunch menu has (click on the link to see the recipe)

  1. Plain paratha recipe
  2. Paneer Methi makhani
  3. Masala rice
  4. Cucumber and carrot slices (sprinkled with chaat masala)

Have a great Sunday, Stay tuned for more interesting recipes coming up next week

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