Breakfast RecipesSprouts Tikki recipe | Moong sprouts tikki

Sprouts Tikki recipe | Moong sprouts tikki

Sprouts tikki

    Sprouts tikki|Moong sprout patties is a healthy tikki recipe, made using sprouts. I have already posted a moong oats tikki recipe. As posted in my Instagram, i went as a judge for a healthy breakfast Masterchef contest, conducted by a nutritionist here in Singapore. It was a my first experience of judging a competition . A truly wonderful opportunity also to learn new things from many people, who participated in the competition. It was agreed by me to post the winner’s recipe in jeyashri’s kitchen, i tried the recipe made by Swati verma, the winner of the competition. She did a breakie platter, with these sprouts tikki, avocado dip , a healthy berry muffins and a fantastic kale banana smoothie. Will try to share other recipes later.
   This tikki can be made with the ingredients easily available at home. She used oats in this recipe. I realised that i was running out of oats when i started making the tikki I used the porivilaga urundai maavu which i had left . Alternatively you can use sathu maavu or besan too. Scroll down to the end of the post to get the serving ideas.
   Before publishing this post, came to know that today is Swati’s birthday. Through this post, on all your behalf, wish Swati a very Happy birthday. Wish you many more success to come.

Sprouts Tikki recipe

  Preparation Time : 20 mins | Cooking Time : 15 Mins |Makes: 11

    Sprouts   1/4 cup
    Yellow moong dal  1/4 cup
     Oats*   1/4 cup
     Roasted peanuts  1 tblsp
     Flax seeds   1 tbslp
     Pumpkin seeds   1 tblsp
     Coriander leaves   a handful
     Mint leaves   few
     Red chili powder    3/4 tsp
     Salt  as needed
     Ginger garlic paste   2 tsp
     Garam masala    1/4 tsp
     Oil   2-3 tsp
     Thick yogurt   2 tsp
*I used the porulvilaga urundai maavu. Alternatively you can Sathu maavu too.

Sprouts Tikki


  • Soak the moong dal in water for 10 minutes and boil in water for 5 minutes. Drain the water completely.
  • Alternatively you can steam this in a microwave too. 
  • Once the water is completely drained add it to a bowl.

sprouts tikki 1

  • Pulse the sprouts in the mixie once and add it to the bowl. 
sprouts tikki 2
  • Pulse the peanuts, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds. If using oats powder it along with these seeds.
sprouts tikki 3
  • Add it to the bowl. If using sathu maavu add it to the bowl too. 
  • Add finely chopped coriander leaves, mint leaves, red chili powder, salt and garam masala to the bowl. 
  • Mix well and add the thick yogurt. Yogurt gives softness to the tikki.

sprouts tikki 4

  • Mix well and make this into desired shapes. I made into small patties.

sprouts tikki 5

  • Add few drops of oil a pan and and cook on both sides till you find golden brown spots on both sides. 
  • Alternatively you can shallow fry this in a pan too.

sprouts tikki 6

  • For this she made a avocado dip . It is just by mixing avocada, a small tomato, some freshly ground pepper, salt and 1 tblsp of thick yogurt. 
  • Mix everything just before serving.
Sprouts tikki
Serving ideas:
  • You can spread the avocado in a bread and keep the tikkis inside it and serve this as a sandwich too. 
  • You can make this sprouts mixture into balls and cook in a paniyaram |appe pan and add it to your spaghetti and serve it as spaghetti bolognese . 
  • Make big round patties and stuff it inside burger and serve it for kids in the same way as Mc Aloo tikki burger.
  1. You can add grated carrots or cabbage to the sprouts mixture.
  2. Cooked millet can also be added instead of oat flour.
  3. You can make the tikkis the previous night and cook it nicely the next day and serve for breakfast. 
  4. Instead of chili powder, red chili flakes and oregano can also be added. 

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  1. In this recipe you have mentioned soak moong dal but are i didn’t quite understand if we are pulsing the dal or powdering as I was in a hurry to make it I had to leave the dal out if it and the rest of the ingredients stuck to my hand so much that it was difficult for me to make a patty and get it out from my hand didn’t use any other powder and used only one type of seed powdered

    Ps clarify
    Thank you

    • Hi, we need to cook the moong dal drain it, and add it as it is. No pulsing of moong dal. It gives good binding to the patties. Hope it is clear now. Please leave a comment if you have any queries.


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