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Tea masala | Chai masala is an aromatic masala, added in Indian tea. I have seen in many Northindian friends house, they keep the chai masala and their tea will always be awesome. I have already posted how to make tea in this Indian Kitchen basics series. Suresh is not a big fan of masala chai but i love mild masala added to chai. I was looking for a perfect recipe for tea masala. I have tried few store bought brands too but all turned out bit spicy and too strong.
I saw the recipe in show me the curry and thought i will give it a try. Wow i got the perfect chai masala recipe. Try this out at home and i am sure you will love this masala tea.

Chai masala

  Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : Nil |Makes: 1/4 cup

     Cardamom | Elachi    15
     Dry ginger |Sukku    a small piece
     Black pepper powder   1/2 tsp
     Cloves |Krambu | Laung        10   
     Cinnamon       a small stick
     Fennel seeds    1/4 tsp   (optional)

  • Heat a pan for 2 minutes and switch it off. Do not roast in pan
  • Put all the ingredients in the pan for a minute and take it out. If you get good sunlight in your place just keep it under sun for 30 minutes. 
  • Grind this in a dry mixer until it becomes a fine powder.
  • If you want you can sieve this masala. I didn’t sieve the masala.
to-grind powder
  • chai masala is ready. Keep this in an airtight container. While making for 2 people add a pinch of chai masala . It will be very flavourful.
  1. If the spices are kept in the freezer take it out and allow the water to ooze out. Pat dry completely and then make a powder. Else it become moist while grinding
  2. Store the masala in air tight container. Use clean dry spoon or hands to take out the masala.
  3. A pinch is enough for chai for 2 people. Using more will spoil the taste.
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  1. wow.. thank you for sharing this... I have been wondering what all goes into chai masala... would try this for sure...

  2. Looks interesting... Thank you for sharing..

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  4. Hi Jeyashri,I'm having only dry ginger powder how many teaspoon i can add instead raw ginger piece?

    1. 2 tblp you can add jasmine

    2. Thanks jeyashri...i tried the recipe it came out nicely:-)


  5. Is it necessary to keep under sun light....

  6. Now my tea would be so more delicious.... do visit...

  7. I have tried this masala and it came out very well and all in my home were enjoying the tea with the chai masala. Thank you for sharing such a nice recipe.


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