Bachelor RecipesGinger cardamom tea | indian kitchen basics | how to make tea

Ginger cardamom tea | indian kitchen basics | how to make tea

Tea, so many of us make tea as a  routine basis everyday. In our home me and Suresh take plain tea every morning. I always love this ginger-cardamom tea, especially after a heavy breakfast or an deep fried tea time snack. I never keep any proper measurements for making tea on daily basis. I hope it is with the case of every one of us. When we do on a daily basis it will easily come for us. For my tea generally i add milk more and water will be less. If you prefer the tea to be bit light, that is more of water and less of milk, adjust the ratio of milk and water accordingly. Rest of the procedure is same.

   Last week when i was teaching my helper , how to make tea, i thought i will post this here, so that it will be useful for many bachelors and first timers who make tea.  Always use good quality of tea leaves. My preferred tea brand are Tata gold, Wag bakri, Society Tea. While i was in chennai i use 3 roses,red label  or Taj mahal tea.
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Indian Milk tea

  Preparation Time : 5 mins | Cooking Time : 10 minutes|   Yields : 1 cup

    Milk   3/4 Cup
    Water  1/2 Cup 
     Tea or tea leaves  1 and 1/4 tsp     
    Ginger   A small piece
    Cardamom  1
    Sugar   As needed



  • Crush the ginger and cardamom using a mortar and pestle. Crush the cardamom seeds nicely so that it will give a nice flavour to the tea.


  • Boil the water in a sauce pan and add the crushed ginger ,cardamom and tea leaves|powder. Let this boil for 2- 3 minutes in a very low flame. The flavor of the tea, ginger and cardamom will now get infused into the water.  Add the milk now.

tea-leaves -boiling

  • Keep the flame little high and when it comes to boil, lower the flame. Keep it in sim for 5 seconds.
  • Cover it for 3 seconds. Switch off the flame. Filter this now.


  • Add sugar as desired . Mix well and serve hot.

Ginger-cardamom teaNotes:

  1. Always use fresh milk for making tea.
  2. Select good quality of tea powder.
  3. If you want the tea to be more dominantly ginger then add some more crushed ginger at the end , before putting off the flame and cover for 5 seconds.
  4. Never reheat the tea after it is made. Either reheat in the microwave oven or use double boiler method.(heat water in a pan and keep the tea on this in a tumbler). Do not  reheat directly on the flame.
  5. Always add sugar after the tea is done. Never add sugar when the tea is boiling. It will not taste good.
  6. The ratio of milk and water depends upon your preference.
  7. The amount of tea powder depends on the brand and how strong you need it.

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    • Hi charulatha,
      thanks for the comment. The reason for this is, either your tea strainer is so fine or the tea powder ur using is very fine powder. Always go for a leafy tea. dusty ones are not really good. I have been using dust tea for a long time. But after using leafy ones never had this problem. i have mentioned some good tea brands in the post.

    • Hi Jeyashri.. I am your big fan .. my day starts with opening your website and search for recipes and then I start cooking 🙂 ingot interest in cooking because of you .. thank you so much . I am following you for last 3 years .. I am also in Singapore I would like to attend your live presentations (recent one in sabha) but so far didn’t happen ..
      Please suggest the shop in Singapore where can I get mortar

    • Thank you so much Savitri. So so happy to read your message here. Nice to know that you are in Singapore too. Follow Jeyashri's kitchen on Instagram to know info on my classes and shows. Regarding the mortar and pestle i got it from a local chinese shop when i moved to Singapore 10 years back. We get in most of the wet market Chinese shops. I got from Little India.


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