7 cup barfi
7 Cup burfi | seven cup cake is an easy sweet recipe and in most of the houses it is a compulsory one for Diwali. My grandmother also does it every time and she she always says it is easy for distributing among neighbours too for diwali. My mother in law also makes this but she adds cashew paste to this. I have posted Coconut and cashew burfi . But this recipe is different and no complicated steps involved in making this diwali sweet. Looking for an easy diwali sweet, then this 7 cup burfi is a must try one. Check out my full collections of Diwali Sweets recipes

Seven cup-burfi

  Preparation Time : 5 mins | Cooking Time : 30Mins |    Yields : 20-22 pieces

     Besan | Kadalaimaavu   1 cup*
     Milk      1 cup
     Ghee      2 cups **
     Coconut    1 cup
     Sugar    2 cups
     Cardamom powder   a pinch (optional)
    *1 cup measurement you can take any small cup of your choice.
    **Ghee no need to add 2 cups, i felt  1 and 1/2 cup is enough.

7 cup burfi
  • Dry roast the besan |kadalaimaavu till it emits a nice aroma. Roast in a low flame. Be careful not to burn this. Switch off the flame.
besan roast-besan
  • Pulse the scrapped coconut once and add it to the besan. Add the ghee, milk and sugar. You can even reduce the sugar to 1 and 3/4 cup too.
  • Mix well without any lumps. Switch on the flame and start stirring in a medium low flame.
  • Be careful as the mixture will burn fast.
mix-ingredients 7 cup cake
  • Keep the flame to medium after 5-7 minutes.
  • Soon the mixture will start thicken. At one stage the mixture will come into a whole mass without sticking to the bottom. Also it be porus too.
stir whole-mass
  • Keep a greased plate ready and add the sweet mixture, which has come into a whole mass.
  • Spread it evenly. Allow this to cool. When it is warm mark them into desired shapes.
spread -in plate diamond-shape
  • Once they are completely cool, cut them and  invert the plate and take out the burfis.
  seven cup cake
  1. If you feel the burfi is not firm and is like a fudge, just put it back in the pan and stir for few more minutes and spread it again.
  2. ensure the besan is roasted else raw smell will be there.
  3. My mother in law will add 2 tblsp of sugar in the last to get firm burfis.

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  1. Beautiful.... This is our favorite sweet from mom..had no guts to try on own...

  2. Hi jeyashri... Can I try this non stick vessel

  3. I tried this.. Tats yummy but it was little softer... Neither halwa nor barfi types

  4. Hie, i want to try making this recipe without ghee and milk i.e. vegan is that possible?

    1. No without ghee it will not be good or tasty

  5. What is the shelf life for ths? :)

    1. It will stay good for more than 10 days in room temperature

  6. Can I substitute the coconut with dedicated coconut?

  7. I love this recipe..... !!! I have fond memories of my late grandama who made this seeet for me ! Thank you