Cooking for GuestCooking for guests recipes #9 - adai aviyal and more

Cooking for guests recipes #9 – adai aviyal and more

This week cooking for guests comes with an interesting South Indian Brunch menu. Generally at our houses we used to eat direct lunch everyday around 11 am, without having breakfast. This is what we call as Brunch. Now a days , when people get up late on a weekend morning , they eat lunch directly around 11 am without making breakfast.  A very few times i have experience of calling guests for Brunch as i find it bit hectic for me to make an elaborate meal and clean the house too by 11 am. I got few requests to post a south indian brunch menu . So in this menu i had made, adai, aviyal, puliyodarai, pineapple kesari and  curd rice.
Sunday brunch guest series

I cut the veggies for aviyal the previous night.  Soaked for adai the previous evening and made the batter before i go to sleep and put in the fridge. Morning as soon as i got up i cooked the rice for puliyodarai and curd rice. Allowed  the rice to cool and cleaned the house in the mean time. Even the pulikaichal i made the previous day. After making puliyodarai and curd rice , i made the pineapple kesari and put in a casserole. Meanwhile i fried the papads and kept the veggies to cook for aviyal. So made aviyal and kept it aside. I generally add curd to aviyal just before eating.
The adai only i made hot at the time of eating. That too you can make small sized adais as it will be easy to make 2-3 adais in a big tawa at a time.
Here is the menu i made for a Sunday brunch:

Brunch menu

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