Diwali recipesThattai (crispy snack) | diwali snack recipes

Thattai (crispy snack) | diwali snack recipes

Thattai is a deep fried crispy South Indian snack, recipe with step by step pictures and video, made using rice flour as a main ingredient. We make this during Krishna Jayanthi and  Diwali. I also make it during the school holidays as my kids love it a lot. I had not attempted making this for a long time. When I first tried it two months back, the outcome was very disappointing. However, my supreme love for
Thattais dissuaded me from giving up and I ended up asking my maternal aunt,who is an expert in making snacks for a fail-proof method of making crispy thattais.
I was super happy with the results and this made me confidently feel that I can make
good thattais. I have also tried a spicier version of the same Milagu Thattai recipe which we all loved.
If you want to try the Karnataka version of thattai do check out my Nippatu recipe.

Thattai recipe

  Preparation Time : 30 mins | Cooking Time : 20 Mins |Makes: 23- 25 thattais

     Rice Flour  4 portion (I used a small cup that holds a liquid measure of 50 ml)
     Urad dal flour   1 tbsp heaped
     Roasted gram flour  6 tbsp
     Red chili powder  1-2 tsp
     Sesame seeds   1 tbsp
     Channa dal  2 tbsp
     Butter   2 tblsp
    Asafoetida  2 pinches
    Salt  as needed
    Curry leaves    few
    Oil   for deep frying
                          Video of thattai recipe


Thattai recipe


  • Sieve the rice flour, urad dal flour (roast and grind urad dal), roasted gram(chutney dal/dalia/pottukadalai) in a sieve for even mixing.
  • Soak the channa dal in water for 30 minutes. Drain the water and add to the flour.
  • If making urad dal flour at home, dry roast the urad dhal and powder it finely.
  • I used the urad dhal flour which i get here.
  • Mix the rice flour, urad dhal flour and the roasted gram flour together.
  • Add the curry leaves, salt, butter, red chilli powder sesame seeds.
  • Mix it well.
  • Knead it into a dough adding enough water.
  • The dough should be firm not watery.
  • Grease a zip lock cover with oil.
  • Take a lemon sized dough and place on the cover.
  • Place another greased cover on it and use a flat bottomed bowl.
  • Press it on the top with the bowl. This is to ensure even shapes. You can pat it with your fingers too.
  • Transfer it to a clean dry towel and keep it for 5-7 minutes.
  • Meanwhile heat the oil for frying.
  • Prick the thattai with fork and slowly drop them in the oil. Pricking help the thattai to avoid raising while frying.
  • When the oil is hot, keep the flame in medium.
  • Drop the thattai into oil .
  • Fry both sides, till the sizzling sound of the oil subsides.
  • Take it out and drain in a kitchen towel.
  • Store it in a air tight container.
  • Enjoy thattai with hot tea.
Thattai- diwlai snack


  1. The kneaded dough can be kept in the fridge and u can take it in batches and make thattai
  2. This is to avoid the thattai getting reddish colour before getting cooked.
  3. You can soak and grind pepper and red chilli and add to the dough instead of adding red chilli powder.
  4. Peanuts an also be added to the dough.
  5. While drying them on the towel, do not dry for more time, else they will end up cracking on sides..
  6. Ensure the thattais are thin, else it won’t get cooked in the middle.

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  1. jeyashri, everytime i make thattai, it goes as a bird food!!! 🙁 🙁
    Thattai enaku Romba naal arrears!!!!
    ur thattai looks great!!!! Let me try your recipe!!! Wish me Luck 🙂

  2. ஜெய்ஷ்ரீ அக்கா, தட்டை சூப்பரா இருக்கு பாக்கர்துக்கு, சாப்டா எப்பிடி இருந்ததுன்னு சுரேஷ் அண்ணாகிட்ட தனியா கேட்டுக்கறேன் (உங்க முன்னாடி வச்சு கேட்டா பிரமாதமா இருந்தது!னு மட்டும் தான் அவரால சொல்ல முடியும்)…:) சிங்கப்பூர்காராள மாதிரி படம் காட்ட யாராலையும் முடியாதுடா சாமி!..:)

    அப்புறம் இன்னொரு விஷயம், போஸ்டை மட்டும் தான் நான் பாத்தேன், நம்ப 'டெரர்' ராஜி மேடம், ப்ரியா மேடம் கமண்ட் எல்லாம் நான் பாத்துட்டு சிரிக்கவே இல்லை சரியா!! எதுக்கு வம்பு, அப்பரம் இன்னொரு போஸ்ட் போடர்துக்கு ஐடியா உதயமாகும்…:)

  3. i was craving for these thattai's last week. but did'nt have enough courage to try and got a pack from krishna sweets. Now your step wise pictures and perfect thattai's should make me try!! Great JOB!!

  4. Hi Jayashri, first time on your blog – The thatais are looking SO good – My mother in law tells me they have a way of "bursting" – which is why I have never ventured in its direction, but my mom made it a lot and with pottukadalai like you have – please do visit my blog and check out the events I've posted – would love for you to participate dear!

  5. Your recipies are awesome..just one feedback…please share the quantity of end product and also for how many people dish can be served. For make a KG of nippat…what would be the ideal quantity…

  6. I tried this out this Diwali, and it has come out so wonderfully! Thank you so much for this. I am already concerned that with my grandparents and parents aging, many of our traditional wonderful parampariya recipes are going to lose their authencity. Thanks to blogs like yours, and books like samaithu par, we can still adhere to our roots. Not to mention, our parents' and grandparents' priceless guidance.

  7. hey jeyashri..i try ur dishes and it has come out well.. my hubby n kids enjoy it very much… but, i am sad that thattai was a big flop… :(.. the only mistake i think i had done was that i forgot to dry roast the urad dal and then grind..i ground the urad dal to powder wihtout roasting…does that cause a failure??? my thattais are not crispy, became a cloth type( thuni pole spongy aayiruku)…i finally gave up the deisre of trying thattais though its my fav snack…pls guide me where i went wrong…

    • Hi,
      Thanks for trying out my recipes. Reg your query, roasting of urad dal is a must and also you should not flatten the thattai too thick. That could be one of the reason it is has a cloth like spongy texture. Don't make it tooo thin, it will tear when u take out. U must have fried it in a very low flame. That coucld be one of the reason. Hope this helps

    • thanks jeyashri for the reply… i shall try it again…btw, ru a keralite?? kerala brahmin??i sometimes feel so when i go through your recipes…:)

  8. Hi deepa,
    The reason may be the oil may be too hot while ur frying or the thattai may be flattened thick. You try adding 1-2 tblsp of hot oil while making the dough and flatten it bit thin and fry in a medium low flame

  9. Love the simple thattai recipe and how well its been explained 🙂 It looks yummylicious 🙂
    Cant wait to try it out.
    One question I had was: is pottukadalai maavu the same as kadalai maavu/besan?

    • Thanks for the message. Either the urad dal must not not roasted properly or flattened too thick.. That could be one of the reason it is has a cloth like spongy texture.. Also you may have fried it in a very low flame. Try adding 1 tblsp of hot oil to the dough while making. Too much urad dal than the quantity mentioned also makes it soft.

  10. Tried this yesterday for Christmas. The taste was awesome. But the colour was darker and the texture a little hard (but able to bite).wonder what I missed. The video was very helpful for beginners like me. Thanks so much.

  11. Tried this yesterday for Christmas. The taste was awesome. But the colour was darker and the texture a little hard (but able to bite).wonder what I missed. The video was very helpful for beginners like me. Thanks so much.

  12. Madam I tried it thattai receipe.itbbecamr dark in colour and some were chewy and some were hard.used store bought idiyappam flour and urad Dal flour.can u guide me to rectify my mistakes

    • Hi, The reason is the oil is too hot and the thattai is fried on a high flame. For making thattais, ensure the oil is hot and keep the flame to medium while cooking. Also do not over crowd the pan, fry in batches.

  13. Hi Jeyashri,
    I wanted to make thattai and this is the ratio I took. 2 1/2 aazhaku of rice flour; 3/4 aazhaku of pottukadalai and 1/2 aazhaku of urud dal..
    Mixed these powders. Added chilli powder, salt, channa dal soaked in water for some time and some curry leaves.
    Added about 50 gms of butter to this and mixed it. Then added water to it and made the batter. Now am making the thattais and frying them in oil. But they are not coming out crispy. Any idea why…Can you please help.
    Else with this thattai maavu what else can I do…as I do not want to waste it.
    Thanks and awaiting your response.
    Gaythri Rajagopalan

    • Hi, Sorry about the delayed reply. The urad dal is more in quantity. I have mentioned for 4 cups of rice flour it is 1/4 cup of urad dal and 3/4 cup of pottukadalai. If urad dal is more it will be soggy and won’t be crisp.

  14. Hello Jayeshri mam,.
    Thank you for the video of your mother which was helpful in correcting our mistakes when we make thattai or seedai. Pls post like this video’s offten for us to learn some tricks of Samayal bhakshanam and sweets
    Convey my Namaskaram to Amma.

    Thank you


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