Curries without coconutVazhakkai curry recipe | chettinad style vazhakkai fry

Vazhakkai curry recipe | chettinad style vazhakkai fry

raw banana curry

Vazhakkai curry i posted in a traditional way some time back. This chettinad way of making Vazhakkai curry, i tried using fresh mochai. I wanted to post with mochai but before that the season got over. This recipe was shared by my friend from whose mother in law i learned the Kadalai paruppu chutney. This turned out very well and we had with morkuzhambhu on a weekend lunch. Try out this Vazhakkai curry | chettinad style vazhakkai poriyal at your home this weekend.

  Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 20 Mins |Serves: 3-4

    Raw banana    1 big
    Onion    1
    Tomato   1
    Shallots | sinna vengayam   3
    Coconut grated   1 tblsp
    Sambar powder   1 tsp
    Turmeric powder    1/4 tsp
    Salt    as needed
    Oil      2 tsp
    Mustard seeds    1/4 tsp
    Curry leaves     few


  • Peel the skin of the vazhakkai and cut the raw banana into big cubes.
  • Slice the onions and tomatoes into thin long slices.
  • In a pan add oil and add in the mustard seeds and curry leaves. Add the onions and cook in a medium flame till it turns translucent.

chettinad vazhakkai curry

  • Add the tomatoes and cook till it becomes mushy. Add the sambar powder, turmeric powder and salt.


  • Add in the cut vazhakkai and sprinkle little water to this and mix well. Cook this till the vazhakkai becomes soft . Stir this often and sprinkle little water if needed.

Raw banana curry

  1. Grind the shallots and coconut coarsely. You can add very little water if you want.

grind onion+coconut

  • Add this to the cooked vazhakkai mixture and mix evenly and carefully.
  • Cook for 2 minutes in a medium flame and switch off the flame.

add coconut mixture

  • Chettinad style vazhakkai curry is ready.
Check out my
  1. You can add fennel seeds | sombu while adding mustard seeds or it can be added while grinding with coconut.
  2. You can replace vazhakkai with dried peas and fresh mochai or green peas.
  3. Sambar powder can be replaced with red chili powder.
  4. You can lessen little sambar powder and add few pepper corns while grinding.

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  1. Hi jeyashri.. must say you are doing a commendable job on your blog.. i always refer to some new dishes that i wish to try, your recipes are like how my mom makes..
    just a question on this banana dish.. when you add shallots and coconut at the end, will it not give a raw onion smell?


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