Bread pizza recipe

Pizza on tawa with bread

I always love to eat to pizza , but now a days since i am so conscious about my diet i am avoiding pizza. Another thing is we don’t get more choice for vegetarians  here in pizza hut also. I always love pizza with paneer toppings.  Since i don’t have an oven, i wanted to try the pizza on tawa with bread .
I just made 3 slices and eat that for my lunch. I didn’t add more cheese as we add for pizza. Check out my Microwave bread pizza and tortilla pizza recipe too.

Bread pizza

  Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 15 Mins |Serves: 2

     Bread slices    3
     Pasta sauce    1 tblsp
     Corn kernels    2 tblsp
     Bell pepper | capsicum  little 
     Onion    1
     Olive oil   1 tsp
     Oregano  a pinch

Red chili flakes  little


  • In a tawa add little oil and roast the paneer cubes till it turns golden brown.


  • Keep the corn kernels ,onions and capsicum in a bowl.
  • You can use any veggie of your choice.


  • Spread the pasta sauce on the bread slice.


  • Spread the veggies on the top of it .
  • Add the grated cheese on them.
  • Heat a tawa and place the bread slice filled with topping,on it.


  • Keep it on a medium  flame.
  • when it is done on one side, carefully flip it over.
  • Wait till the cheese melts. This will take 1 minute.
  • Alternatively you can cover the tawa with a lid without ever flipping it over.


  • When it is done, take it out from the tawa and add the oregano and the redchilli flakes.

add redchilli

  • Enjoy hot.

bread pizza


  1. I used white bread, if you want you can substitute with whole meal bread also.
  2. If you are making for kids add more cheese.
  3. You can use whole wheat bread to make it little healthy.

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  1. Love this and make this often piece of paneer for 1 bread??
    my husband will crib if I do that..he he..:)
    looks like I missed ur hyd bhindi post..however it looks really yumm…

  2. Hey this is the most easiest and quick to make recipe. Though I use oven, dnt have the patience to try it on tawa. Loved the toppings. This is one of my fav recipe to prepare when surprise guests arrive.. And jeya dear thanx for ur comments on my blog. God bless u..


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