Biryani, PulaoVegetable fried rice recipe

Vegetable fried rice recipe

Vegetable Rice is a common dish in my home,which i make once a week,since my hubby likes it very much. But always make raitha for that. Very rarely i make cauliflower manchurian for this. Though we all like the manchurian, since it is deep fried we avoid making this often. After a long time i made both the vegetable rice and cauliflower manchurian. Here is the recipe of Baby Corn Manchurian .

Vegetable fried rice

  Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 25 Mins |Serves: 2

    Basmati rice   1 cup
    Veggies*   1/4 cup 
     Garlic   3 pods
     Ginger  a small piece
     Green chili  2
     Soya sauce  1 tsp
     Tomato sauce   1/2 tsp (optional)
     Sugar  1/2 tsp
     Pepper powder  1/2 tsp
     Olive oil   1 tblsp
     Spring onion   few (to garnish)

Veg- fried rice


  • Soak rice in 1 and 1/4 cup  of water for 15 min and pressure cook it . Check out my post on How to cook basmati rice.
  • Allow it to cool.  Make the ginger,garlic and chilli into a coarse paste.Chop the bottom part of the spring onion finely and keep it aside. Don’t discard the green part.
basmathi-rice add-garlic
  • In a pan ,add 1 tblsp of oil and add sugar and add this paste. Saute for some time. Now add the white part of onion which we chopped. Saute for 2 to 3 mins. Now add the mixed veggies except capsicum.Saute in high flame . Add salt, aginamotto,( if using) tomato sauce and soya sauce. Saute for 2 mins. Add the  chopped capsicum.
add veggies add-soya sauce
  • Switch off the flame and mix it with rice and add pepper powder also and mix gently to have an even coat.
add-rice fried-rice
  • Garnish with the chopped green portion of the spring onion.

veg-fried rice


  • You can add finely chopped baby corn to the veggies.
  • Always ensure that the veggies should be crunchy and not over cooked.

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  1. Perfect combo.. Waiting for your Gobi manchurian recipe too!!
    I can't get this color in fried rice; somehow it turns a bit dark.. I'll try your version soon, as V is a big fan of Fried rice!
    Thanks for sharing it dear!!

  2. Gal,I m just craving for tht combo now..fried rice looks very colorful and I loved that bowl u served in the fried rice,the last pic..manchurian looks so colorful,I hope even the next post will be also very colorful

  3. Hey jeyashree,

    Would you consider moving to the US? My next door house may be vacant soon. I am getting tired of just looking at the awesome posts/pictures you post and salivating over it on an empty stomach. It is about time I started tasting your stuff, don't you think?

    Just kidding. 🙂 Great post once again.

    • Both soy sauce and spring onions are used to add flavor to the rice. I recommend you to replace the spring onions with normal onions but soy sauce u try to add.

  4. Hello Jeyashri,

    Thanks for posting the recipes. Could you specify which brand of soya sauce to use. In Singapore most of Soy sauce are rather too salty, I found.

  5. Lovely recipe. Tried it today and it tasted excellent. Thank you so much. But my fried rice was red in colour. Could it be because of the tomato sauce ? I didn’t have to add any tomato sauce or chilli sauce while eating. So I presume I had added more quantity and hence the colour.


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