Monday, January 30, 2017

Podi dosai recipe | Easy dosa recipes

Podi onion dosa is a simple and easy South Indian dosa, which can be served when you are running out of time to make a chutney or sambar. I always love milagai podi with dosa during the recent trip to chennai, happened to have podi onion dosai in Sangeetha restaurant, made me to get addicted to that and i had the same in many restaurants too. I wanted to try this at home and finally made today for breakfast. As suresh is not in town, i am bit lazy to make chutney or sambar, and my kids will happily have dosa with milagai podi too. I had little kalyana gotsu left over  which we all shared too. The podi onion dosa tasted so yum with the aroma of ghee and kids too loved it. If you do not want onion you can skip onions. Please scroll down to the notes section below to find out many variations. If you have dosa batter and idli milagai podi at home ,this can be done in quickly.
Podi onion dosa recipe

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Desi Bread pizza |Bombay veg sandwich style pizza

Desi bread pizza

Bread pizza is a quick and easy kids friendly snack loaded with veggies and cheese. This recipes comes with a short quick video on how to make bread pizza.  I have already posted bread pizza recipe but this one is a Indian style bread pizza. I saw a similar version of this in Instagram but they used the pizza base and made as a proper desi style pizza. I wanted to make a quick instant version of pizza and made it using bread. Kids loved the pizza and me too had a small portion of the bread pizza for taste and it tasted yum. For a change from the usual mumbai toast sandwich, try this Indian style bread pizza . I made this in oven, you can use microwave oven or can do on stove stop too.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sweet potato chaat recipe

aloo chaat recipe

Sweet potato chaat recipe is an easy and tasty mumbai street style chaat recipe. Generally they make aloo chaat, i replaced aloo with sweet potato. I have 1 bag full of sweet potato, though i love eating boiled sweet potato, kids never touch sweet potato. As Suresh is also travelling, i wanted to make some interesting recipe using sweet potato. I saw this aloo chaat recipe in tarla dalal's website and followed the same using sweet potato. It turned out so yum and the plate got over as soon as i finished clicking the pictures. Try this easy sweet potato chaat recipe and let me know how it turned out. Check out my other chaat recipes.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Pumpkin paratha recipe | Paratha recipes

Parathas are Indian flat bread generally made by stuffing veggies like aloo, cauliflower or paneer and  many more. I recently came across a tarla dalal book in my friend's house and had a glimpse of the pumpkin paratha in one of the pages. I got the idea of making pumpkin idea from that and the casual watching of Venkatesh bhat show yesterday, for few minutes gave me few more inputs. So i made this Pumpkin paratha last evening. Pumpkin paratha is the best way to make the kids eat pumpkin without any fuss. The addition of mint leaves, spices makes it more tasty and a simple spiced yogurt will make a good accompaniment to this paratha.
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Paratha recipe - Indian flat bread

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Orange rasam recipe| Rasam recipe

Orange rasam

Orange rasam recipe is similar to the Kalyana rasam which i posted long back. Rasam is a staple food in the main course in every south Indian home. I have tried the Mountbatten Mani iyer's rasam, which was introduced to me through Rakesh of puliyogare travels, when we did the cookery show together in Singapore last year. I recently attended Mount mani iyer's cookery show in Chennai, in that he taught the same rasam replacing water melon with ilaneer(tender coconut water). The ilaneer rasam tasted very well too. As oranges are in season now, wanted to try the same rasam with orange juice. Believe me, the house was filled with awesome aroma of freshly ground rasam powder . When i posted the eeya chombu rasam in instagram yesterday, everyone was asking for the recipe of orange rasam. So today i am sharing the recipe of orange rasam, try this at home and let me know how it turned out.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Paneer Kothu parotta recipe | Kothu parotta

Paneer kothu parotta

Kothu parotta is a popular street food in my home town Madurai,  but they always the non veg version of Kothu parotta on the road side shops. The sound which comes while making the kothu parotta always amazes me. Only once one of our neighbour got the veg version of Kothu parotta from their native place Sivakasi. It tasted awesome. Recently when we were in chennai, we visited a restaurant nearby my mom's place. This paneer kothu parotta in the restaurant menu card was so tempting. Me and my sister were reminded me of our childhood days and immediately ordered the kothu parotta. It tasted so yum and even the kids loved it very much. I wanted to try this out at home and tried it last week. It turned out very well and was a super hit at home. You can make the same with left over chapathi and paneer gravy too. Check out my chili parotta recipe too.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Carrot Poli recipe | Sweet poli recipe

Bogi pandigai is celebrated in Tamilnadu on the last day of the tamil month Margazhi. Lohiri they call it in Maharastra. We South Indians, make poli | obbattu | boli for this festival. We also make poli for avani avittam too. I have already posted puran poli, thengai poli, paal poli (with video)and maharastrian style puran poli recipe. I wanted to make carrot poli, last year itself but finally this year i am coming up with the recipe of carrot poli for bogi pandigai which falls on Jan 13 2017. I have made a video on how to make poli. Though i won't say the video is too perfect but for sure will benefit the beginners. Click here for the collection of pongal festival recipes.
Carrot poli recipe

Monday, January 9, 2017

Nellikai Thayir pachadi | Gooseberry raita recipe

Nellikai thayir pachadi | gooseberry raita is a simple and easy raitha made using gooseberry. Generally we make this during dwadesi, which is the next day of ekadesi fasting. We also make agathi keerai curry on dwadesi. Though gooseberry very good for health they say we should eat this after sunset, as it is a body coolant. This nellikai thayir pachadi is made in a jiffy and you do not require any palnning before to make this recipe. Yesterday being Vaikunta Ekadesi we make this nellikai thayir pachadi today for dwadesi.
Nellikai thayir pachadi

Friday, January 6, 2017

Schezwan Soya chunks Manchurian | Indo Chinese Recipes

Soya chunks rarely takes entry in my kitchen but i ensure to cook in a best way so that it will be consumed by all. Schezwan sauce | Sichuan sauce recipe i have posted long back. I used the sauce in fried rice and pineapple fried rice too. I wanted to make schezwan paneer manchurian but finally ended up in making soya chunks manchurian with schezwan sauce. It paired up well with veg fried rice and we had a hearty Indo Chinese meal for lunch.
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Schezwan soya chunks manchurian

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Beetroot Kurma recipe |Side dish for chapati

Kurma| korma is an easy side dish for chapathi | poori. I have posted many chapathi side dish recipes and kurma variaties, but for the first time, I am trying kurma with one of my favorite veggie beetroot. If you are not a beetroot lover, try the same kurma with mixed vegetables or peas or paneer. My mom is a regular viewer of the Venkatesh bhat show and she was hooked by his kurma recipe. This episode was telecasted almost an year back. From then she was telling me to try this recipe but finally i tried the same style by replacing veggies with beetroot and green peas. We all loved the recipe and it paired well with poori and chapathi too. I am back from my 3 weeks vacation to chennai. Slowly coming back to routine. Stay tuned for interesting recipes coming for this Pongal season.
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Beetroot kurma

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Potato Halwa recipe | Happy New year 2017

Wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017
Potato halwa recipe is a very easy and simple halwa recipe using potato and sugar as main ingredients. I have learnt this recipe from a friend's mother in law and made this in 3 of my cookery shows. It was a huge hit among my guests too. This halwa doesn't have a smell or flavour of potato while eating the sweet. This can be made in a jiffy and without stirring much. Let's start the new year 2017 with  a sweet recipe, potato halwa. Stay tuned for many new interesting recipe coming up in the New year.
potato halwa

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