Monday, February 29, 2016

Vegetarian Salad with easy dressing ideas | Indian style salad

veggie salad

Salads as we all know, are very healthy but making it interesting is a tough task. Many ladies who want to lose weight, will stick to salads, at least one meal a day but after few days the interest in eating salads will come down . Also one more major block here is we cook usual meal for the family and after all that we will eat salads . So over a period of time we will start craving for the daily meal. Now you can add sambar, rasam, vathakuzhambu, paruppu podi, karuvepillai podi, paruppu usili and if you are a north Indian, you can add  dal, kadi or some spicy subzi which you make daily. Avoid adding deep fried items to the salad. You can add roasted papad too. After experimenting many combos at home, I  finally came up with a  super easy vegetarian salad recipes. For the past 2 months I am having salads for one meal a day, mostly for dinner. I feel so complete and full and never crave for regular food. You can add 2 spoons of rice or pasta or noodles into the salad.Be creative and make your salads interesting. Check out my diet plan with Indian recipes. I have given the basic recipe for the salad below. Check out my frozen beans post and keep the legumes handy. Check out this bluetiful world and commit for weight loss. Each kilo you drop a tree will be planted and nurtured , the proceeds will go for the education of meritorious student. Post a picture of your salad and share it with me on Facebook or Instagram. Follow jeyashris kitchen on facebook , instagram or email me at 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dal Kachori recipe | Khasta Kachori recipe

Kachori recipe

Dal Kachori | khasta kachori is a crispy deep fried tea time snack, filled with moong dal. I have already posted Moth dal kachori and peas kachori recipe. This dal kachori i have given for Kungumam Thozi and it got published in the Feb issue. It was a super hit recipe at my home . Though it is bit elaborate to make,it is worth the effort. I remember once visiting Rishikesh some 12 years back and enjoying hot hot kachoris with aloo tamatar. Those days i never know how to make Kachori. Though i made kachori on that day i didn't make aloo tamatar. Try out this combo and it will be a filling meal. You can make this combo for a sunday brunch.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Vendhaya keerai kara kuzhambu | Methi leaves gravy

South Indian kuzhambhu recipes

Last weekend when i went to the nearby Indian shop, found a fresh bunch of methi leaves there. After that made the vendaya keerai sambar and also methi thepla too. Just casualy looking for some methi leaves recipes around the net and found this vendaya keerai kara kuzhambu here. So i tried this yesterday and it tasted out of the world. I slightly tweaked the recipe according to my preference. The aroma of the kuzhambhu is filled around the house and enjoyed it very much.

Monday, February 22, 2016

How to freeze legumes | Frozen beans

frozen beans

Salads always find a place in my everyday meal. I just take a little portion of some salad into my food daily. After registering into this Bluetiful world, almost all days my dinner will be salads. That doesn't mean i am crash dieting. I eat rice for lunch but everything in moderate quantity. The salad is quite filling one. I add a portion of legumes into the salad to make it more filling. Also for vegetarians, dals and legumes are good source of protein. So to make your salad filling and healthy legumes such as chickpeas, rajma, black channa etc. But the main problem with me is i keep on forgetting to soak the legumes overnight. Once a friend of mine told me she always soak in bulk and freeze it so that whenever kids ask her for chole, rajma masala or kala channa masala it will be easy for her to do. From that day i am using the same technique for my salads. Later i started telling to my friends who are registered to this bluetiful world. Then thought i can post this here, so that many of you can be benefited by this.  Check out my post on  salad dressing ideas. Also check the other salad recipes in jeyashris kitchen. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Khandvi recipe | How to make perfect khandvi

khandvi recipe

Khandvi is a traditional gujarati tea time snack, made with besan. I was first introduced to this by my friend Janani, She is a very good cook and never hesitates to cook a full fledged meal after a long day in office. I always wanted to learn this khandvi from her, but somehow the timing never matches for both of us. She told me that she follows Khandvi recipe of tarla dalal ,always and so i tried the same at home sometime back. It turned out well but still i was not that much confident to post it. So i tried it few times at home in the past 3 months, and now i am pretty confident in making khandvi. So i am posting the recipe of how to make a perfect khandvi. Will update the recipe with video soon.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mysore Masala Dosai recipe | South Indian recipes

mysore masala dosai

Mysore masala dosai is a traditional dosa of Karnataka. Most of the restaurants in Bangalore and Mysore serve this. I was first introduced to this Mysore masala through a cousin's wife here. When we all went out for lunch one day in Raj restaurant here, she ordered Mysore masala dosa. I was wondering, how dosa will be filling for a lunch. But she told, it will be filling and the mysore masala dosa which is served there will be delicious too. I also wanted to give it a try and that i was my first experience to taste the delicious mysore masala dosa. Few years later, my friend Anita, used to make this mysore masala dosa, mostly for Sunday brunch and send hot dosas to us. I could say, she makes the most yummy and delicious masala dosa. LAter when she shifted to Australia,i missed her dosas very much.  Finally i asked her for the recipe and she messaged me through what's app. Try this at home and let me know your feed back. Share the pictures you try from Jeyashri's kitchen through mail of through facebook messages.
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Monday, February 15, 2016

Grilled Pineapple Salad | Easy salad recipes

grilled pineapple salad

Pineapple i love the most next to mangoes. Generally i like eating fruits,also i would love to add them in my salads too. Usually i add fresh pineapple cubes to my daily salad along with some cucumber, carrot, some legume (chick peas, red kidney beans..) lettuce, papaya, watermelon and some nuts. Every day i pack a big bowl of salad for suresh, for his evening snack and also i reserve  a portion from that  for me and kids to have in the evening . This grilled pineapple salad i have seen in a restaurant menu long back and suddenly while eating the pineapple in my salad, it came to my mind. So i made this today. While writing this post, i am enjoying a bowl of grilled pineapple salad too. This salad is similar to grilled pineapple salsa, so you can serve with tortillas too. Try this at home and let me know how they turned out. Check out my other salad recipes:

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Microwave Molten Lava Cake | Red velvet molten lava cake

red velvet molten lava cake
Valentines day is around the corner. For me Valentine's day is more special as my little one Varun is born on that day too. He is celebrating his 10th birthday this year. As always i have so many things in mind to make for the Valentines day post. Finally ended up in making these molten lava cake. This recipe can be made in microwave. I wanted to make it as a red velvet mug cake so adapted the recipe from here . Try this out for the valentines day and let me know how it turned out.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Set Dosa recipe | South Indian breakfast recipes

Set dosa | Poha dosai |aval dosai is a soft and spongy dosa, a popular breakfast recipe of Karnataka. It is generally served with Vegetable saagu. There are many versions  around the net for the recipe of set dosa, but i adapted the one which was shared by my friend Anita. This dosa she used to make it very regular, especially for weekend brunch. I have noted down the recipe from her but somehow missed to try it on my own. The best part i love in this dosa is no need to ferment the batter. So i soak in the night for the dosa and grind in the morning to make soft and spongy dosas. Try out this set dosa at home and let me know how they turned out. Vada curry also pairs well with set dosai. Check out my other dosa recipes too.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Curry leaves pulao | Easy pulao recipes

No onion no garlic recipes

curry leaves pulao

Curry leaves pulao is a simple pulao, which i tasted very recently during my flight journey. First i thought it was some plain basmati rice garnished with some coriander leaves. But when i had the first bite, i could taste the curry leaves flavour. Each and every bite was aromatic and i enjoyed with a gravy and a semi dry veggie masala. After that i wanted to recreate this same pulao at home and finally made this last week with the same combo. The recipe of this pulao is very simple. You can try this for kids lunch box too. Check out my other pulao recipes too.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Pindi chole recipe | Pindi chana recipe

pindi chole

Pindi chole | Pindi chana is a popular one in Punjabi cuisine generally served with bhatura or Kulchas or pooris. When i came to Singapore 8 years back, i bought a ready to eat pindi chole masala of some popular brand. And it tasted horrible and i discarded it immediately after the first bite. Later after many years, i tried this at home but still not convinced by the output. Last week when i was again browsing for pindi chole recipes, got hooked up with this recipe by Vah chef and tried at home yesterday. It was a huge hit recipe at home. It tasted like the pindi chole which is served in restaurants. Will post the recipe of bhatura soon. Check out my

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mochai and Potato curry | Mochai urulai kara curry

mochai potato curry

Mochai |field beans and potato is a match made in heaven. Even the combo of brinjal and mochai is also will be awesome. Last year itself i wanted to post this curry but somehow couldn't make it. Few days back when i went to little india, i found the fresh mochai |pacha mochai (called as field beans) I have already posted mochai sundal and mochai brinjal kara kuzhambu, but both recipes are using dried mochai. Thsi curry i have tasted many times from our neighbour aunty's house in madurai. Again called her up and confirmed the recipe with her. In the original recipe, she mentioned to add whole garlic before adding the onions. But since mine were too big, i didn't add. If you have the small garlic with you add it whole , without chopping it.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Kharabath recipe | MTR style kharabath recipe

MTR style kharabath

Kharabath is a popular breakfast of Karnataka. I have heard about this through my friends many times, but never tasted the authentic Kharabath which is served in MTR restaurant. Few weeks back a reader asked me for this recipe and it so happened for me to visit the MTR restaurant here the next week. I ordered for the kharabath and it tasted very nice. It is similar to the rava kichidi but red chili powder was added instead of green chilies. Also it was loaded with ghee. The next day i called up my friend who is a native of bengaluru and living in Australia now. She told me few tips on this Kharabath recipe. Do try this recipe at home and let me know the feedback. Check out my other South Indian breakfast recipes.