Festival RecipesPongal festival recipes | sankaranti recipes

Pongal festival recipes | sankaranti recipes

PONGAL FESTIVAL 2019  is celebrated on Jan 15. I have compiled the recipes which we make for the festival. click on the images for the recipe. Apart from the Pongal recipes, i have given recipes for kannu pongal too. Also do check out my sister’s website to know how to celebrate Pongal. 
Scroll down till end to see the entire collection.

Temple style-sakkarai pongal Ezhukari Kootu
Sakkarai pongal Akkaravadisal
thiruvadirai-thalagam Kalkandu pongal
ulundu vadai Puliyodarai
paruppu -poli aviyal
coriander-rice Andhra-puliyodarai
Coconut-rice Lemon rice
pudina sadam Peanut rice
New recipes updated

Aama vadai
Carrot poli recipe
Curry leaves rice
tomato rice
Temple style curd rice
erissery recipe

thinai ven pongal
Kopparai sadam
Millet paal payasam
Samba wheat sakkarai pongal

Millet kalkandu pongal
cabbage masala vadai

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