Compiled PostsAadi pandigai recipes | south indian festival recipes

Aadi pandigai recipes | south indian festival recipes

Aadi is the 4th month of Tamil month. Generally comes in the middle of July. The first day of Aadi is celebrated as aadi pandigai.  We make Thengai paal Payasam , otherwise called Aadi paal , on this day. Generally any wedding or auspicious occasion is not done during this month of aadi. The 18th day of this month, is called aadi perukku. People believe that this aadi perukku brings prosperity and wealth. Farmers sow seeds on this month as it brings more prosperity and harvest to them.  All the fridays are considered more auspicious in this month. We make jaggery based payasams, Maavilaku and kozhukattais and make neivedhyam to God.

  I have compiled the aadi pandigai recipes,including the south indian variety rice recipes which we make for aadi 18perukku, for your ease. Click on the pictures below for the recipes. Check out Jeyashri’s kitchen recipe index for full collection of recipes.

Sakkarai -pongal Modakam - coconut poornam
Paal-kozhukattai with jaggery Paruppu - payasam
Kozhukattai-kadala paruppu poornam Sakkarai- pongal
pulikaichal coconut-rice
iyengar- puliyodarai lemon- rice
Medhu-vadai curd- rice
Coriander- rice Peanut -rice
Ellu -sadam aviyal

pudina- sadamarisi-thengai payasam

Temple style curd rice


 Thakkali sadam
 Samba godhumai payasam
 Pepper flavored curry leaves rice

Check out the links for other south indian variety rice recipes:

Enjoy all the festivals with this yummy food.

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