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Friday, September 22, 2017

Kavuni arisi payasam recipe| Black rice kheer

Kavuni arisi | black rice | karuppu arisi, is similar to the glutinous rice, which we use for Thai sticky mango rice. The only difference is in the color. The rice originally was produced in Burma but the one i got is an Indonesian product. This black rice is quite popular in the South east Asian countries. Though i have heard about this rice from my friends many times, never attempted to try this at home. We get this black rice quite commonly in all shops like Fair price shops and small Chinese, malay, grocery shops too. Yesterday during my morning walk, a friend of mine suggested me to try this Kavuni arisi payasam and shared the recipe with me too. She told she makes it quite often and it is a huge hit among her friends too. So i grabbed a small packet from the nearby shop and tried this payasam. While discussing about this with another friend of mine, she told few variations too. The payasam was very aromatic and we enjoyed it very much. Try this as a neivedhyam to God for this Navaratri and serve your guests also a different and unique dessert. Check out my complete collection of navratri recipes.
Kavuni-arisi payasam

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Vegetable Medhu vadai recipe | Vada recipe

No onion no garlic recipes

Urad dal vadai with the addition of vegetables. Generally for festivals we make ulundu vadai but we never add onions to this, while offering to God. During Ganesha chaturthi i made medhu vadai with the addition of cabbage, carrot and capsicum. The bright colour of the vada gained more attention and many readers in Instagram and facebook asked me about that. So i thought i will share this vegetable medhu vada recipe, as you can try during navaratri. Check out my ulundu vadai post with video for more details on how to shape the vada. Check out my complete collection of Navaratri recipes

Monday, September 18, 2017

Imli ka amlana | Amlana recipe

Amlana | Imli ka amlana is a Rajasthani drink made using imli | tamarind pulp. With the addition of pepper, mint leaves, black salt and cardamom it enhances the taste. I was searching for some other recipe and landed up with this amlana recipe from tarla dalal's website. Since it sounded so easy, i wanted to try this out immediately. It tasted similar to our traditional Panagam drink. You can make this for big gatherings and other navaratri get together too. Learn how to make amlana recipe with video.
Imli ka amlana

Friday, September 15, 2017

Pumpkin Raita recipe | Kaddu ka raita

Pumpkin raita | kaddu ka raita is a easy raita recipe. Few weeks back when i went to my friend's house for Varalakshmi pooja, during a conversation she was telling about pumpkin raita. I never know that we can make raita with pumpkin. We south Indians make raita with White pumpkin| ashgourd, but making raita with yellow pumpkin | kaddu is quite new to me. Later she shared the recipe with me and it tried this few days back. It turned out very well. Try out this easy pumpkin raita recipe.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Rava kunukku recipe | Kunukku recipe

Rava kunukku recipe with video

Rava kunukku is a deep fried snack recipe made with sooji as the main ingredient. We generally make kunukku with adai maavu. Recently when we visited a friend's house for evening coffee, she made this rava kunukku and served along with coffee. It tasted very nice and immediately i asked her for the recipe, but as usual forgot later. Few days back i messaged her again and asked her for the recipe. She was sweet enough to send a voice note over phone and i tried it today. The rava kunukku tasted the same and we enjoyed with coconut getti chutney and filter coffee. Generally kunukku and coconut chutney pairs very well. Even you can have this kunukku without any accompaniments.
Rava-kunukku recipe

Monday, September 11, 2017

Puli itta keerai recipe | Spinach in Tamarind gravy

Puli itta keerai | spinach cooked in tamarind gravy, this is a traditional recipe made at our home, but my mil makes a different version. She makes like a keerai sambar but we generally call it as keerai puli itta kootu. Last year i attended a cookery class of Shri. Mount Mani Iyer, a popular caterer in Chennai. He taught as few Tirunelveli brahmin style recipes and one among them is this keerai puli itta kootu. I was planning to post this recipe from a long time, but some how couldn't make it. Few weeks back, when i was searching for the paper in which i have noted the recipe, i couldn't trace that. I misplaced it somewhere. I asked a friend who attended the class with me and she immediately sent the picture of the recipe paper. I tried it today and it tasted so similar to the one Shri. Mani Iyer made. We tasted the puli itta keerai with kal dosai in the cookery demo, but today i served with plain rice. It went well with rice too.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Urulai Kizhangu kara curry recipe | Potato kara curry

Urulai Kizhangu kara curry | Potato kara curry, is a spicy potato roast, traditionally served in Tamil brahmin weddings. Whenever we fix on the menu for the wedding, urulai kara curry is the common one which we add up in the menu along with other yummy traditional dishes. Though we make potato curry at home, this one is quite unique and will be very tasty too. Few weeks back i tried this Urulai kara curry from bhojana recipes and posted in Jeyashri's kitchen Instagram story too. Since it is a no onion no garlic potato curry i thought i will make it again and post today. I tried this yesterday for my guests along with bisi bela bath. It goes well with curd rice and rasam sadam too.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Mor aval recipe| Easy poha recipes

No onion no garlic recipe

Mor aval is a very simple and easy tiffin | breakfast| snack recipe using aval| poha| rice flakes. This quick recipe i learnt from my cousin who was with us here for the past 4 days on a holiday. She is a wonderful cook and during our casual chat session, she mentioned about this mor aval recipe. She told that her mil makes it very well and she learnt it from her. I noted down the recipe from her and tried this yesterday. It tasted very well and Suresh loved it a lot. If you have slightly sour yogurt, then try out this mor aval recipe using poha | aval.
Mor aval recipe

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Pottukadalai Thuvaiyal recipe | Thogayal recipes

Pottukadalai thuvaiyal is a super quick and easy recipe, i can say it is a perfect Bachelor recipe too. I have tasted this many times during my childhood days. Our neighbor aunty used to make this,usually on a lazy day. Whenever she doesn't have mood to cook or went out she makes this pottukadalai thuvaiyal and garlic rasam. We always make Thengai thogayal or paruppu thogayal at home. Recently i learnt this recipe from my cousin's mother in law. It tasted very similar to the one which we had during our childhood days. As i have guests around i have few scheduled posts for this week. Try out this simple thuviayal recipe and enjoy your meal.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Cabbage Thoran recipe | Kerala style cabbage curry

Cabbage thoran is a yet another popular recipe, which is a must in Kerala Onam sadhya menu. I was planning to call my mami's sister, for this cabbage thoran recipe. But few days back in a birthday pasty i met a friend's wife. She is a native of palakkad. She shared with me this easy cabbage thoran recipe with me. It tasted very nice and very different from the usual cabbage curry we make at home. Try out this easy Cabbage thoran recipe. Check out some Onam sadhya recipes from jeyashri's kitchen.