Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Pinwheel - cookies
Pinwheel cookies i am attempting for the first time but i am  so happy with the results. I was in a dilemma whether to make  short bread cookies or chocolate chip cookies, but finally decided to make pinwheel cookies.  I saw few videos in you tube and had an idea as how to make pinwheel cookies. I made an basic eggless vanilla cookie dough and added some melted chocolate chip to make a chocolate dough. I am so happy with the results . Do give it a try at home and for sure your kids will love this.
The recipe of the basic cookies is from Joy of baking.

Monday, April 14, 2014



Fruit Chaat is a very healthy snack recipe.If  any kids who are fussy eaters, especially doesn't eat fruits , this is one of  the best way to make them eat fruits. Though i love to add Chaat masala to pineapple and guava,  suresh always advises me eat it as such. But once in a while me and my daughter varsha will eat in this way. Very long back, i have seen my friend making this fruit chaat for her son who is a fussy eater. Though it is always good and healthy to eat fruits as it is, once in a while we can have like this , for a change. During fasting days, we can have this fruit chaat too. Sometimes after some festival days if we have lot of fruits at home , we can make this also.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்

Traditional -recipe

This week in cooking for guests series , i have made full elaborate meal we cook for Tamil New Year. Tamil New year is celebrated tomorrow . When we were in India i used to cook elaborate  meal for all festivals. After coming here though i make the important items for each and every festival. The reason behind this not due to laziness, but most of the festivals come on working days and for lunch i will be the only person at home. Suresh and kids will pack lunch for office and school. Even it is on a holiday, nobody will eat an elaborate meal. But i wanted to make an elaborate meal for this cooking for guests series and today i will be sharing the Tamil New year lunch menu.
I couldn't get proper banana leaf , and the one which we get in cover was not so proper when i opened. It was bit wide and was difficult to cover in my lens too. Though i am satisfied with the meal i am not satisfied with the pictures. But i don't have option , as i don't get banana leaf in near by shop and i opened the leaf . just before serving the food. So the food was ready already and i have to click. Will update sometime .

Friday, April 11, 2014


Poosanikai kootu
Poosanikai kootu |ash gourd kootu is the one which is made in mils place during all festivals like deepavali, pongal, tamil new year, navaratri pooja and the list goes on. Whereas my mom makes Sambar for most of the occasions. All of them in the family likes this kootu very much and some times ash gourd will be replaced with brinjals too. Traditionally raw peanuts are added to this kootu but many times we replace with black channa too. We call it as poosnikai puliita kootu ( ash gourd kootu with tamarind) . This recipe is similar to Arachuvitta sambar but with few small variations.
   This recipe i clicked long back, but some how missed to post. When i was seeing the pictures album today, i saw this and as the pictures looked decent, i thought i will post. The step wise pictures , will be updated with good ones soon.
Checkout my Poosanikai Kalyana kootu .(without tamarind)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014



   As South Indians, we always make idli, dosa, upma for breakfast but parathas rarely take place in our menu for breakfast. Some times when i make aloo paratha for kids lunch box and keep the same for me for breakfast. During our trip to Delhi, ( i know i am talking too much about the trip, please bear with me) we happened to have parathas for breakfast on most of the days. But we all enjoyed as whenever we go for an international holiday we end up eating cornflakes, bread and juice for breakfast. Few years back when we go for a North India trip we hunt for places to have South Indian food , but now a days Indian Vegetarian food is more comfortable for us ,especially for me. These plain parathas i have added in my last week's cooking for guests menu. So if you have guest, you need not not make lot of chapathis, just few parathas you can make as they are thick.


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