Thursday, December 14, 2017

Appalam sambar recipe| Appala kuzhambu

Appalam Sambar | Appalam kuzhambu is a traditional recipe, made with appalam, eggplants, tamarind and toor dal as main ingredients. I have posted Appalam Vatha kuzhambu during my initial days of blogging. Last year when my friend's mom was here, she was telling about this appalam sambar, actually they call it as appalam kuzhambu only. I recorded the recipe as she was narrating to me. But when i changed my phone that got deleted by mistake. Later i totally forgot about that. Few weeks back, when she visited us again, i asked her for the recipe and noted down again. I tried it the next day itself and clicked the same. It tasted similar to the karuvadam sambar that amma makes. You can skip adding the brinjals and make it only as appalam sambar. When you run out of veggies this can be made and can be accompanied with any sundal too.
Appalam-sambar recipe

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tomato Ginger Chutney | Side dish for idli dosa

Tomato Ginger Chutney

Tomato Ginger chutney, is an easy side dish for pesarattu, idli and dosa. Recently we visited a restaurant in Singapore. It is an Andhra restaurant and a friend recommended to try the MLA pesarattu in that restaurant. They served a tomato chuntey with this pesarattu and it tasted very nice. Generally i don't prefer ginger much in my cooking but this chutney i liked very much. Somehow managed to find the ingredients present in the restaurant chutney and attempted at home today. It turned out well and tasted similar to the Tomato Ginger chutney we had in the restaurant.
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Friday, December 8, 2017

Veg Salna recipe | Parotta salna recipe

Parotta salna is a famous street food in Tamil nadu, espeically in my native town Madurai. Though i have never tasted the salna in road side shops, i used to admire the sound of Kothu parotta and the mesmerizing smell of the salna made in the shops. Most of the salnas are non veg and so i never attempted to try that there. I remember tasting Chilli parotta from a famous road side shop in Madurai, which our friend bought once for us. Recently i got the recipe of vegetarian salna from our neighbor aunty, who gave me the recipe of kuska, kurunai vadai.. Aunty sent me the handwritten recipe through what's app and i tried it immediately the next day. It tasted so yum and we had with Kuska biryani and kids had with store bought frozen parotta. This parotta salna goes well with chapathi too.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Chilli cheese dosa | Cheese dosa recipe

Chilli cheese dosa is a delicious cheesy dosa made with easily available ingredients. When the kids are fussy about usual dosa and chutney varieties, make this Chilli cheese dosa and i am sure they will love this a lot. It is similar to the chili cheese toast which we make with bread. I made this Chili cheese dosa few days back and posted in my Instagram story. I wanted to make this post last week itself but somehow couldn't do. Finally made this Chili cheese dosa on a weekend morning for breakfast and kids loved it. Check out some variations for the same in the notes section.
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Monday, December 4, 2017

Inji sorasam recipe | Ginger lemon drink

Inji Sorasam, is a drink made with ginger, coriander seeds and cumin seeds, generally given to aid digestion, after a heavy meal. I have posted Ginger ale recipe some time back and mentioned about inji sorasam in that post. We can find this Inji sorasam in our refrigerator always, as my patti always stocks this up. As she was aging, she feels discomfort in her tummy after a heavy food. Especially after festival food it is a must for her. Yesterday, after hogging on the pori urundais and verkadalai urundai a lot i had a bad headache. While talking to amma, she told, pori and kadalai is Pitham and told me to have this inji sorasam. I made that yesterday according to her instructions and i found my headache had drastically come down after that. So wanted to share the recipe of inji sorasam with you all.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Millet Nei appam recipe | Karthigai deepam recipes

Nei appam recipe
Nei appam | Unniyappam is a traditional sweet generally prepared in our homes for Karthigai deepam, Janmashtami,Ganesha chaturthi and avani avittam. I have already posted nei appam, wheat appam and many more Karthigai deepam recipes. Two years back, when i learnt the recipe of Traditional Mysore pak from my friend's mom, she told me the recipe of Nei appam too.Though i noted down the measurement of rice:jaggery, i didn't note down anything else. But i remember the way she was explaining to me. So i tried the same using millets instead of rice. Varagu and Thinai will work out very well for sweet appams. I used Samai(little Millet) for making this nei appams and they turned out very well. Check out my full collection of Karthigai deepam recipes.
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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Karthigai vella adai recipe | Karthigai deepam recipes

Karthigai deepam 2017 is on Dec 2 this year. I have posted many recipes for Karthigai deepam festival. Traditionally pori urundai, appam, milagu adai is made for Karthigai deepam. Vella adai is made with rice, toor dal, channa dal and jaggery as the main ingredients. You can soak in more quantity for both milagu adai and vella adai and in the last divide the batter and add jaggery to vella adai and pepper to the milagu adai. These adais turned out so well and the sweet was just perfect for the taste buds.
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Monday, November 27, 2017

Mor rasam recipe | Rasam recipes

Mor rasam, is a simple rasam made in just 5 minutes with minimum ingredients. This rasam is made with butter milk. I have heard about this easy rasam from many friends, but never tried or tasted it anywhere. Recently my friend's mom gave me this recipe and told that she makes this quite often. As the rasam has ajwain | omam  as one of the ingredient, it is perfect for winter. I tried this last week and was totally addicted to the taste and simplicity of the rasam. Try out this simple and easy mor rasam recipe and let me know how you liked this.
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Sunday, November 26, 2017

How to make Ghee | Kitchen basics

Ghee | Clarified butter is a staple ingredient in Indian kitchen. We use Ghee for making sweets and mix with rice and use to cook parathas too. At South Indian homes, mixing up dal, hot rice and ghee and having this as a first meal is a common one. During my childhood days i remember my mom and grandmother takes out malai from curd and makes home made butter. From that big ball of home made butter, she makes ghee and i could still recollect that aroma of the ghee. After i got married, one day when i mother in law told me to melt the butter for ghee and she went out. I never know what is the right stage to switch it off. With total confusion i just started the process but somehow felt that i will be able to do it right. When it was almost done, my co sister came and she taught me how to switch it off at the right stage. After coming to Singapore,most of the time i used to buy store bought ghee. But on and off i make ghee at home. Some time back, when a friend in our apartment, was explaining the details of making ghee from the scratch, i thought i will share the process of making ghee at home, in Jeyashri's kitchen. Yesterday i made ghee with butter and took the video of how to make ghee. Share any interesting tips if you follow at your home, while making ghee, in the comments section.
P.S: This Post is just for basic beginners. Experts please excuse me😀
Home made ghee

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Spring Onion pakoda recipe

Spring onion pakoda is a crispy tea time snack. Generally we use spring onion for garnishing fried rice. I also use this to make Spring onion besan Zunka. So i rarely buy spring onions. When i visited the wet market yesterday, found these fresh spring onions and got a bunch of them too. While returning from the market, was thinking as what to make for today's post, suddenly this idea of spring onion pakoda flashed my mind and took a video of the same. It turned out so well and everyone at home loved it. If you are looking for Thanks giving recipes,then you can try this out for sure. Check out my
Spring onion pakoda