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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Panchamirtham recipe

Panchamirtham recipe

Panchamirtham is a mix of banana and other dry fruits generally made as a prasadh | neivedhyam for many festivals like janmashtami, Ganesha chathurthi, navaratri or any other pooja we do at home. Even for house warming ceremony and ganapathi homam at home we do this panchamirtham. During our childhood days, we get regular supply of Pazhani panjamirtham from Palani. Also we get the same pazhani panchamirtham in thiruparankundram temple too. But i never liked that as do not like any jaggery based sweets. But now everything has changed. In my sister's house they make this during the time they visit their anscestoral temple. They make it there in the temple and offer as a neivedyam to the God. This recipe, my sister's brother in law passed on to me, the way he explained made me to try this immediately.  As janmashatmi | krishna jayanthi 2016 is on aug 25th, i am posting the this recipe of panchamirtham.  Check out the video of the recipe too.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dry fruits Kachori recipe | Kachori recipe

dry fruits kachori

Dry fruits kachori, is a deep fried snack, filled with dry fruits, nuts and  few aromatic Indian spices like cardamom and fennel seeds. I have made this post for Holi 2016, but somehow couldn't post it. Also i have drafted this to schedule it during my June vacation, but couldn't post as i had already array of recipes scheduled for that. So finally i thought i will post this for Rakshabandhan 2016, which falls on Aug 18th this month. I have posted moong dal | khasta kachori some time back. Check out my other raksha bandhan | rakhi  sweet recipes.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mexican paratha | Rajma cheese paratha recipe

Mexican paratha

Mexican paratha | rajma cheese paratha is a kid friendly easy lunch box recipe. Even this can be served hot, when the kids are back from school also. i have used the same filling for making a wrap, when i did a cookery show in London. Now wanted to try out paratha with the same filling , so made it today for my lunch. Also the kids when they come back from school, will have this yummy cheesy paratha. There is no hard and fast rules for measurements or ingredients in this recipe. Go wild and make the paratha with your creativity and ideas. Share with me your interesting ideas too.
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Friday, August 12, 2016

Kovil thayir sadam recipe | Temple style curd rice

Daddojanam | thayir sadam

Temple style puliyodarai

 Curd rice | yogurt rice | dahi annam is a quite common south Indian rice variety. From the childhood, our meal is never complete without a curd rice. Generally we eat it by mixing plain with home made yogurt . When we have guests or on any special occasion we do seasoning to the curd rice and serve it. I have already posted a curd rice recipe few years back. When i shared the temple style sakkarai pongal post in facebook few weeks back, one of my friend asked me to post temple style curd rice recipe too. Coincidentally, 2 weeks back we joined a prayer at perumal temple here, on the occasion of a friend's mil birthday. We took back home puliyodarai, kesari and thayir sadam. Tasting the thayir sadam, i could make out the ingredients and make it at home yesterday,for my lunch. The taste was very close to the one we had in the temple. Since today is varalakshmi pooja and for doing the punar poojai tomorrow, many of us will make thayir sadam as neivedhyam for amman. So try out this temple style thayir sadam at home and let me know how it turned out.
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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Eggless Whole wheat Pancake recipe

Pancake recipe

Pancakes i make rarely in my kitchen as only Varsha likes it a lot. Me Suresh and Varun are a not a great fan of pancakes. I have given this same recipe, replacing flour with  millet flour in my Millet cookbook  2 years back. So i thought i will try a pancake recipe using whole wheat flour. I just tried replacing half of the flour with whole wheat and turned out pretty well. These pancakes turned out soft and fluffy and perfect one to serve for  breakfast . Try this at home and let me know how it turned out.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Ginger Lemon Rasam | South Indian Rasam recipes

Ginger lemon rasam

Ginger lemon rasam | Inji elumichai rasam, is a simple south indian rasam with lemon, ginger and tomato as a major ingredient. This rasam did not include tamarind or sambar powder. So you can try this easy and simple South Indian lemon ginger rasam at home. Also this rasam can  be had as a soup too. Overall i can say it is a perfect one for Rasam lovers. Though we make lemon rasam at home, this varition of lemon rasam is quite interesting. I learnt this from my mom's sister(my perimma), recently. She didn't mention to add ginger but i wanted to make a slight variation so i added ginger to this rasam. Check out my

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Dal Baati recipe | Masala Dal baati

Masala daal baati

Masala dal baati | dal baati is an authentic and popular rajasthani recipe. I have tasted this in Rajdhani restaurant in chennai few times and tried at home once too. But i am not so satisfied with the results and so I  didn't post  that time. Recently i happened to try this at my friend's place, who has come from chennai, to stay with her daughter who is studying here. they are basically from Rajasthan and settled in chennai. The dal baati tasted awesome and she served me this Masala dal baati and also panner stuffed dal baati. Along with that she served me a delicious aamras too, which i have posted few months back. Though i asked her the recipe, somehow i forgot the details of the recipe. So again messaged her for that. She patiently explained my queries and today i tried it at home. It turned out very well. Traditionally split green gram dal is added but if you want you can replace with yellow moong dal or toor dal or mix of both. Check out a similar Dal dhokli recipe

Monday, August 1, 2016


aadi 18- lunch
Aadi 18 2015| aadi perukku | 18 aam per| is celeberated tomorrow (august 3) . Generally variety rice is prepared on this day. The word "perukku"means flourish , so whatever new thing you start in this day it will multiply. Generally, farmers sow seeds on this day. When we were kids we used to wear new dress for this aadi perukku. Amma used to buy something in gold on this day. But i won't say this tradition is followed in all houses. Mainly in our relatives houses i have seen them making them variety rice only. After i got married, in my in laws house, they are not much fond of variety rice and so for this aadi perukku just a paruppu payasam will be made along with usual lunch menu.
When i was pregnant with my younger one, my perimma who lives in Trichy, visited my mama's house in chennai. During that time aadi 18 was there and my perimma invited me for lunch . Even after 10 years, i could recall the items she cooked and the taste of all the dishes was awesome. So i thought, i will post a cooking for guest series with a South Indian aadi 18 lunch.
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Curry leaves rice | South Indian rice variety

No onion no garlic recipes | Karuveppilai sadam recipe

Curry leaves rice
Curry leaves rice | Karuveppilai sadam is a traditional rice variety made for festivals such as aadi perukku and other South Indian festival too. Even we can make this for lunch box too. I have already posted a version of karuveppilai sadam | curry leaves rice and also a karuveppillai sevai too. This variety of curry leaves rice i learnt from my cousin during my recent visit to India for a wedding. He patiently explained me the recipe and the way he told me tempted me to try this  and i made this on the day i returned back home. It was a huge hit at home. The richness of the cashew nuts, texture of coarsely ground urad dal , the pepper flavour, the crunchiness of peanuts made this more exotic . As aadi 18 is coming up (aug 2nd - Tomorrow) , i thought this will be a perfect recipe to try it out on that occasion. For more aadi perukku recipes click the link here.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Godhuma Rava Payasam | Samba Rava payasam recipe

Godhuma rava payasam

Godhumai rava payasam is a simple and easy payasam made with samba wheat rava, milk and jaggery as the main ingredients. I tried this last week itself but somehow struck with editing the video and by the time i finished editing it was too late . So i decided to post the recipe of Samba rava payasam today. Generally we use dalia | samba rava | godhuma rava for making upma or porridge . But this is a creamy and delicious payasam with godhuma rava . As i have mentioned in one of my recent posts, i am taking skype class for a group of 30 people, who are learning sanskrit and vedas (from a different teacher). As a part of their class, traditional cooking is being taught. I am previlaged to share my cooking knowledge with them by showing them how to cook traditional recipes. For the first class i made this godhuma rava payasam and a variety rice recipe(coming up soon). Check out my other easy payasam recipes: