Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Pressure cooker cake

It has been my long due to try the cake in pressure cooker. Though i have read in so many websites but still i don't have the guts to try it at home. Always my readers say, recipes from jeyshris kitchen gives us confidence to cook. But this post is the other way round. Few of my readers who tried cake in pressure cooker tempted me to try this cake. One of my friend sent me step wise picture for this cake and it gave me more confidence to try it. Also She tried it few times and every time it turned out perfect. So finally i tried my hands on pressure cooker cake taking all tips from readers and friends who tried it. so for all my readers who do not have an oven can enjoy home made cakes.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Jowar- roti
Jowar roti | jowar ki roti | jolada roti is a gluten free roti recipe made with sorghum flour. Jowar atta is found commonly in all Indian grocery stores. Jowar roti is a very healthy roti and can be easily made too. Just it needs few times of practise and i am sure you can master in making jowar ki roti. I tried thsi roti few months back and it was a big flop show. I ended up wasting the flour. After that i didn't attempt. After that one of my friend was asking me to post the recipe of jowar ki roti and i told her, i tried it few times but it is not coming, but will try sometime . I remember one of my friend do this very often and now she is living in australia. I called her and asked the recipe and she patiently explained each and every step and gave me the tips to make perfect jowar ki roti. the same evening i tried the recipe and shared with the friend who asked me for this roti recipe. And after making it 2-3 times i made it very perfect and now a  days, i make it twice in a week. You can try Bajra roti and Ragi aloo paratha
I have posted a amatuer video as how to roll the jowar rotis . This will give you an idea.Try out this jowar ki roti at home and let me know how it turned out.
   Very happy to share with you all that my first cook book got published by Vikatan publications . The book is themed Millet recipes and available in all leading book shops in Tamilnadu. They are available for online purchase too . Click this link to buy the book. Thanks for your support.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Saravana Bhavan style mini tiffin is my dream to make it at home. Though it has so many items in the menu, if planned well, it can be made easily. This can be made for a brunch and also for dinner too. I still remember the when i was pregnant with my first kid,i used to crave for this  mini tiffin in saravana bhavan. Though i won't eat outside food more often but once in a while i go and have this mini tiffin . Recently when i tried there, the quality was so bad and after that i stopped eating in saravana bhavan. But wanted  to make it at home and here i am with the post of saravana bhavan style mini tiffin in cooking for guest series .

Friday, June 26, 2015


Eggless chocolate chip cake
Chocolate cakes are always loved by kids and my kids, Varsha and Varun are not an exception to this. In fact they love all my baking recipes. This is a double chocolate cake, which is always a super hit at our place. Few months back when we went for a beach picnic, a friend of mine baked this delicious double chocolate eggless cake. The original recipe is adapted from here. Varsha was too fond of the cake and was asking me to make this for her. I made once for her, and the next time when she asked i told her why can't you learn to bake it on your own. So here comes the post of eggless double chocolate cake from my sweet daughter Varsha suresh, who is turning 14 tomorrow. I just clicked the pictures for the step wise  pictures and the set up for the final picture was done by her.  Over to Varsha..

Hi. I'm Varsha. Amma talks about me in some of her posts so I guess most of you
know who I am. I love to eat more than cooking. I enjoy baking cakes and muffins.
I'm the one who usually brings  the cake for any of my friend's birthday and hence
I'm titled the "BAKER". Amma gave me an opportunity to write one of her posts. I
chose this one as its my  favorite cake recipes. The name of this cake speaks for
itself. It is the perfect choice for chocolate lovers. Most of my friends go head
over heels for chocolate (just like me :p), so I usually bake chocolate cakes. I've
baked this cake a couple of times.  Since many of my friends love chocolate I've
baked this cake for my friend's birthday, my teacher's birthday as well as for an
earth day fair. This cake has always turned out soft (for me) and remains soft even
when kept in the fridge overnight. When my teacher had tried it for the first time
she was very surprised to hear that an eggless cake had turned out to be very
soft. All of my friends love this cake.  Some have even asked me for the recipe . So
here is the recipe for a mouth watering double chocolate cake.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


palak-lachha paratha
When i bought a bunch of spinach last week, i wanted to try Palak paneer paratha. But last minute i noticed paneer was very less and was in no mood to make paneer at home too. So thought i will make palak phulkas and ended up with making lachha parathas. I have already posted laccha paratha recipe. You can also make palak poori also with the same dough. Try Palak paratha at home and shre with me how it turned out. You can make this as plain parathas too instead of lachha paratha.

Monday, June 22, 2015


Badam milkshake recipe
Badam milkshake is a simple summer coolent and will a perfect drink for both small and teenager kids after they come back from school. I have already posted Badam Milk recipe . This recipe of badam milkshake, i gave for Kungumam Thozi and got featured in June 16-30 edition. I have already posted about that in jeyashri's kitchen facebook page

Friday, June 19, 2015


Madras street food
Cooking for guests is back in Jeyashri's kitchen. I have stopped the series after doing it for 20 weeks. I find it difficult for me to cook an elaborate meal on a normal day when i don't have guests. But i have been getting many mails from readers to resume it back again. Also they wanted to post how i plan to make the recipes . I will try to post it every week, but this time i may post with some pic collage too. Which means, i will just guide you with the meal planning , not that i will cook on a day the entire meal and click the picture and post. But will write in detail about the procedure and planning.
 Todays one comes with a snack menu. The theme for this snack is Madras street style food. I have read in a friend's post in facebook, that they had a madras street style food party at their home. When it comes to Street style food of madras, Idli, sambar, bajji, Thenga maanga pattani sundal, rose milk (famous kalathi kadai rosemilk of mylapore) big appalam, filter coffee.... so many things will come to my mind. I just complied a simple snack menu with bajji, thenga maanga pattani sundal, appalam, and rose milk.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Sweet lassi is the one i always love to have anytime. Though i love lassi, i make the salt lassi | neermor, as they are very good for health. My daughter loves all types of lassi. As the kids have holidays, i am making some juice or lassi for them . Today she asked for sweet lassi and i am a mood to click the pictures too. As i have already posted sweet lassi, i thought i will make kesar lassi . The kesar lassi was awesome and she loved it a lot. She infact patiently waited for me to click the pictures.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Sodhi- kulambu
Sodhi recipe is a popular gravy from the district of Tirunelveli,a  town in Tamilnadu . I have been asked by many readers to post this sodhi kuzhambu here for a long time. Though i have heard about this from my mom, never tasted or tried at home. It is similar to the Vegetable stew recipe which we make for aapam. Though there are few versions in the sodhi recipe, i am posting a simple version of Tirunelveli sodhi kuzhambu. This goes very well with aapam, idiyappam and even dosa too.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Chapathi, my mom used to make it very rarely when we are kids. Dosa will be the most  made tiffin at home and we all enjoy dosa like anything. Chapathis amma will make once in a month when she has off day. Though appa is diabetic, she makes more of Godhuma dosa , also he doesn't like chapathi much. Even if she makes chapathi,veg kurma will be the only side dish she knows to make and later she learnt channa masala from my athai. Sometimes she makes simple onion tomato gravy or coconut chutney too. We used to scold her if she makes coconut chutney for chapathi. But nowadays i like that combo.  But whenever she makes chapathi, she makes this sweet chapathi for us and it is our most favourite one too. My paati makes this sweet chapathi in triangle shape and mom do it in round shape. My mil makes regular chapathi like triangle parathas and later we changed it to phulkas as they are healthy.
 Few days back when me and my hubby were talking about the childhood food memories, we both remembered about this sakkara chapathi . So i thought i will post this recipe here. Do you have any childhood memories related to this sweet chapathi, i would love to hear. Share in the comment section below.