Monday, January 26, 2015


Millets recipes whenever i think about that, ideas keep flooding my mind. I am posting Millet recipes every Monday and today i have prepared an interesting recipe with Little Millet | Samai. I wanted to post pidi kozhukattai recipe using millet, but suddenly changed my mind and made these thavala adai. Generally my grandma makes this with raw rice. She drizzles loads of oil and make this so crispy. She has a lot of patience to make it for a big family too. I just made in small quantity just for this post and of course, we all had today during tea time. Try this healthy snack with any variety of millet like varagu, kuthiraivali and thinai  too.
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Friday, January 23, 2015


sweet-potato curry

Sweet potato curry | Sakkari valli kizhangu curry is one my mom makes during pongal festival. The version she makes is with jaggery and will be like a sweet halwa. Though i like that but i can't take it more as i feel it is too sweet for me. This version of making curry like how we make potato curry, i gave for the no onion no garlic recipes supplement, which i did for kungumam thozi.. So Since now the sweet potato is season and also pongal festival is coming up , thought of posting this sweet potato recipe today.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Kadai-vegetable gravy
Kadai vegetable gravy is a similar recipe to the Kadai Paneer . But generally Kadai Paneer will a semi dry dish whereas this Kadai vegetable is a with a little thicker gravy. This is a perfect side dish for roti, naan, kulcha and even jeera rice and pulaos too. I have given this recipe for the supplement book given to Aval Vikatan in August 2014. But this recipe was left in choice as there are few more recipes with mixed vegetables. The mixed veg kurma, vegetable jalfrezi, Navratna korma were published. Yesterday when i was clearing my mail box, saw this mail in my folder and wated to try it out again. I vividly remember that everyone at home loved this Kadai vegetable. They all vouched that it tasted like the restaurant one too. I adapted the recipe from here.

Monday, January 19, 2015


Millet recipes are gaining so much popularity now a days. Recently i have got the Millet sewai packets from Bhairavi Naturals, supplier of Organic Millets in Singapore.  They gave me a packet of Varagu Sevai and Kuthiraivali sevai packet to try it out. They deliver Organic millets at reasonable price at your doorsteps. They can be contacted in this phone number - 65-61002457I have given a recipe for Aval Kitchen long back with the theme of Popular Singapore recipes. In that i have given the Rice noodles recipe too. When i got the millet sevai, i thought i will make this Varagu noodles in Hakka noodles style. It was a super hit and got ready so quickly. Stay tuned for more interesting recipes with Millet.
   The recipe of Singapore Rice noodles is slightly different from this, will post that soon.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Carrot -halwa
Gajar ka halwa | carrot halwa, a very popular Indian sweet | dessert, though i have tried it few times, this is the first time i am trying in Microwave. Before going to vacation, i have few carrots lying in the refrigerator and half litre of milk too. Thought i will make carrot kheer but milk will not be sufficient to make for all of us. So planned to try carrot halwa in Microwave. It turned out so well and we all enjoyed this with Vanilla ice cream.  Yes we all love this combo of vanilla icecream with carrot halwa. Check out my stovetop version of gajar halwa | carrot halwa with condensed milk. You can add condensed milk to this gajar halwa too to make it more rich.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Pongal festival 2015 is celebrated tomorrow and this year i wanted to post a sakkarai pongal with millet. I have tried sakkarai pongal with Thinai|foxtail millet for the supplement book i made for Mangayar Malar. So this time i wanted to try with Varagu | Koda millet . It is called Kodra in Hindi and Harka in kannada and Koovaragu in Malayalam . Check out the Pongal festival 2015 recipes. I made the normal sakkarai pongal but just replaced the raw rice with varagu arisi. As always the sakkarai pongal tasted divine and me generally don't prefer jaggery based sweets much, had an extra spoon today. Sometimes i pat myself on my back  if any recipes turn out very well. Millet sakkarai pongal tasted the same and no one could make out that you have made this with Millets.
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Millet Sakkarai pongal

  Preparation Time : 5 mins | Cooking Time : 25 Mins |Serves: 3-4

     Varagu arisi | Kodo millet   1/2 cup
     Moong dal    2 tbslp
     Jaggery | vellam      3/4 cup
     Ghee      2-3 tsp
     Cardamom powder    a pinch
     Cashew nuts    few
     Raisins      few (optional)
     Edible camphor | Pacha karpooram    a pinch   (optional)     

  • Wash varagu arisi and moong dal  and pressure cook this by adding 1 and half cup of water. 
  • You can even soak this for 15 minutes and cook in the pressure cooker. Once done mash this nicely with the back of a ladle.
varagu+moong dal cooked and mashed
  • Add jaggery in a pan and add little water to this. Allow the vellam to boil and filter the impurities.
  • Boil this jaggery water for 5 minutes in a medium low flame. 
  • Add the cooked varagu rice mixture to the jaggery. 
jaggery water add-cooked rice
  • Mix this well without any lumps.
  • Add cardamom powder, edible camphor(if adding) and ghee roasted cashew nuts.
sakkarai-pongal Cashew-nuts
  • Add 1 tsp of ghee in the last and switch off the flame.
  • Millet pongal is ready for neivedhyam.
Millet-sakkarai pongal


  1. You can add 1/4 cup of milk to the pongal to make it more creamy. If adding milk add while mashing the rice.
  2. Do not add milk once the rice is added to the jaggery. The milk will get curdled.
  3. Samai, kuthiraivali and thinai will work out well for sakkarai pongal. Follow the same method for other millets too.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Pongal festival recipes

PONGAL FESTIVAL 2015 is celebrated on Jan 15. I have compiled the recipes which we make for the festival. click on the images for the recipe.

Temple style-sakkarai pongal Ezhukari Kootu
Sakkarai pongal Akkaravadisal
thiruvadirai-thalagam Kalkandu pongal
ulundu vadai Puliyodarai
paruppu -poli aviyal
coriander-rice Andhra-puliyodarai
Coconut-rice Lemon rice
pudina sadam Peanut rice


pudina sadam
Pudina sadam | Mint leaves rice is simple south indian lunch variety. As pongal festival is nearing, everybody will be busy looking for pongal festival recipes. I have already posted Sakkarai pongal recipe. The next day of pongal is Kannum pongal for which we generally make variety rice. These variety rice shouldn't include onion or garlic in it. I am posting today Pudina sadam | Mint rice , which you can make for kannu pongal. You can try this for lunch box on normal days too. See you soon with a sweet dish tomorrow.

Monday, January 12, 2015


Millet is gaining more popularity now a days. Also including millets in your diet, is very healthy too.
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  Tomato dosai i wanted to try for a long time. During my vacation to Chennai, my sister made this for me but with normal idli rice. I thought i will replace rice with millet and tried tomato dosa with Kuthravali millet also called as Barnyard millet in English|Odalu in kannada|Jhangora in hindi, is a healthy variety of millet, helps to reduce cholesterol and also good for diabetics too. You can try out this dosa with samai and varagu too. Somehow thinai dosai gives little dry dosa. Check out my

Friday, January 9, 2015


Beetroot salad is a very healthy one and super easy one to make. The recipe of this healthy Indian version of beets salad was given by my friend very long back. I love beetroot and so even kids too love beetroot. I have posted beetroot vadai, beetroot curry, beetroot pulao and many other recipes with beetroot. Some how raw beetroot never fascinated me and never tried this salad for a long time. When we had a casual dinner at my house few months back with her family,i made beetroot vada for starter. He was telling he is not a big fan of beetroot and the salad which she makes only he loves in beetroot. And complimented me for the vada too. Then i thought i should give this salad a try. That time only i was writing Salads and Soups article for Kungumam Thozi. I made it the next day and it was awesome. After that the beetroot salad is a regular one in my weekly menu. Try out this simple and healthy salad in your meal.