Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ulli Theeyal recipe | Kerala Ulli theeyal

ulli theeyal

Ulli theeyal is a popular Kerala gravy | South Indian gravy for rice, made with shallots(chinna vengayam) and coconut as the main ingredients and other flavourful spices. I am a big fan of vengaya vathal kuzhambhu, so i wanted to try this for a long time. Few months back one of my friend's mom while casually talking told me the recipe of ulli theeyal and i recorded the same in my mobile. I got a good bunch of small onion during my little india trip and finally made this ulli theeyal. It was a huge hit among all in the family. Try this at home and share your feedback with me.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Whole wheat Grain Dosai recipe | South Indian Breakfast recipes

Whole wheat grain dosa

We always make dosa with godhumai maavu (whole wheat flour) which we call as godhumai dosa or karacha maavu dosai aor wheat dosai. But have you ever tried dosa with Whole wheat grain. Actually my mom makes this  but i have never remembered to ask her the recipe of this whole wheat grain dosa. Generally this whole wheat grain is used for  making godhumai halwa. A reader asked me for a recipe of dosa using whole wheat grain . then it suddenly it flashed that amma makes this and asked her for the recipe. I made it according to her instructions and it turned out very well. The dosas were crispy and yummy and kids too ate without any fuss. Check out my ragi dosa recipe, kal dosai recipe.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Mixed vegetable Pakora recipe | Vegetable pakoda

Veg pakora

Mixed veg pakora | vegetable pakora | pakoda is a popular tea time snack recipe, made with any veggies of your choice. I have tried this once for my guests but that time i didn't have time to click the pictures for the post. As the past 2 days the weather is pretty cool here due to rains, i thought of making this mixed veg pakoras. Enjoy this pakora with green chutney and ginger cardamom tea. Check out my corn palak pakoda , thool pakoda.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mexican fried rice recipe

Mexican fried rice

Mexican fried rice recipe, as i told in my previous post of Home made enchilada sauce, posting today the rice recipe. This Mexican fried rice recipe is made using Enchilada sauce, which  again i did for the cookery show on Mother's day. The rice was got a good welcome among all and it is quite a simple recipe too. If you have sauce, veg stock and frozen beans in hand, then Mexican rice can be made quickly. I have already posted a Mexican rice recipe long back, but this recipe is with home made enchilada sauce. Try this Mexican cuisine at home for a change and let me know the feed back.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Enchilada sauce recipe | Home made enchilada sauce

Enchilada sauce

Enchilada sauce is used in many Mexican recipes like burrito, quesadilla and Mexican rice. It can be used as a sauce for pasta too. Today i am sharing the recipe of the Enchilada sauce which i used for the Mexican fried rice. I did this for the cookery show which i did for the Mother's day last week. The Vietnamese rolls, the mexican rice with enchilada sauce was a huge hit in the show. The recipe of Mexican fried rice will be coming up next on jeyashri's kitchen.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Avocado Milkshake recipe | With video of how to cut avocado

avocado milkshake

Avocado Milkshake i first tasted in Singapore , food republic in Vivo city. I was so curious to taste the fruit when we moved here and had it first,in the form of milkshake . Later once Varsha learnt some Glucamole, an avocado dip from school and we had with tortila chips. I bought the avocados to make the avocado ice cream but finally ended up in making the milkshake recipe without ice cream. Try this easy and healthy milkshake recipe at home. I have made a video on how to cut avocado, which will be useful for beginners. Check out my mango milkshake, oreo milkshake recipe.
Choose the dark black avocado, which is the ripe one. If the outer cover is green in colur it is unripe,keep it outside for 2-3 days and once it is becomes dark and soft to touch, you can cut that.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Potato masal recipe | Urulai pottalam | Madurai special

Urulai kizhangu pottalam
Uruali pottalam | potato masal is a spicy masala curry made with potato , packed and served in lotus leaf. If you are brought up in Madurai or visited Madurai ( a town in south of Tamil nadu), then you must be knowing about this. We get this in the original nei mittai kadai shop near the west gopuram tower. Whenever we go to pudhu mandapam for shopping, we buy this potato masal and take it home and eat with curd rice.  Sometimes during weekend when my dad goes to the city to meet any friend, he buys this potato pottalam for us and we used to wait for him patiently and then eat our lunch. This potato masala will be very spicy . It has been many years now since i tasted this potato masal. When i was casually chatting with the author of Puliyogare travels some time back, he shared with me the episode of his food trial in madurai and about his experience in the original nagapattinam nei mittai kadai. Based on that i recipe idea and with some inputs from my friend who recently visited her parents in madurai, i have finally made this Uruali masala. This can be even served with poori or stuffed inside paratha or can be had with sambar rice and rasam rice as a curry too.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Vietnamese Fresh Spring rolls recipe| Recipe with video

Vietnamese veg spring roll with video

Vietnamese Spring rolls

 Vietnamese Spring roll is a bunch of fresh vegetables rolled in rice sheets and served with peanut sauce. Last week i did a cookery show for Mother's day  here, and for that show i made this Vietnamese fresh spring rolls. This recipe was a super hit in that show and everyone liked it. It is very easy to make and quite healthy too. I have given a basic idea for the filling, you feel free to make your own filling and enjoy this healthy vietnamese spring roll. I will post the other recipes which i made in the show in the coming up posts. Check out my fried Spring roll recipe too.
As i have enquired with my friends in chennai, the sheets are available in Amma nana shop in alwarpet. If you find this in your city, please update the place with the name of the shop in the comments section below. In Singapore, we get this rice sheets in Fair price in the dried food section.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Biscuit Topping |With Video| Mother's day Special

Biscuit topping | Biscuit canapes is a easy recipe, as i mentioned in my mango float recipe, this is a post from Varun, my little one. He learnt this recipe from school and wanted to post this on jeyashri's kitchen on the occasion of Mother's day tomorrow. I just took a video of him doing the biscuit topping and just posted the video without any editing. I have given some variations to the recipe in the notes section and you go ahead with your own ideas and creativity. Share some ideas with me also in the comments section.
You can also try Yogurt sandwich, aloo channa chaat bruschetta. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Mango float recipe|Easy dessert recipes

Mango float is an easy filipino dessert, which i recently learned from my helper. This dessert involves only 4 main ingredients, graham biscuits, fresh mango, cream and condensed milk. Actually Varsha wanted to make this and post for Mother's day on May 8th. But last evening she told she has loads of work to finish and couldn't make it, so i proceeded to make this mango float. It is a very simple and easy dessert and doesn't involve any cooking. So kids can easily make this for their mom as a surprise, on the occassion of Mother's day.  Actually Varun is planning to make a video post on Mother's day, that it self is a surprise for me. So stay tuned for his post too. Check out my other mango recipes.