Friday, May 22, 2015


Thengai chutney | coconut chutney | getti chutney, whatever name you call, i love to have this chutney though i am served with any variety of chutney. Whenever we go to Murugan idli kadai, the thengai chutney bucket will be kept of the table, so that the waiter will not have too many visits to my table. Somehow i am not a big fan of my mom's thengai chutney, she add little tamarind to that. Our neighbour aunty makes the coconut chutney very well with several variations. Check the kurunai vadai recipe i learnt from her. Last week, when amma visited aunty i asked her to clarify few doubts from aunty and finally i am confident to write the popular south indian coconut chutney recipe. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Thai mango- rice
Thai sticky rice with mango is a traditional thai dessert. Here in Singapore we find this Thai sticky mango rice in almost all the food courts. Though i have never tasted this, but suresh used to tell about this sweet mango rice many times. Somehow i always thought this combo will be wierd and will not work out nice. Since me always a mango eating person, only i will try a dessert with mango if am over loaded with mangoes. I have mentioned this in my Mango lassi post too. This year when Ministry of mangoes started their online booking, i am immediatley ordered 1 carton of alphonso mangoes. While casually talking with my friend, she told that she is going to make thai stickly mango rice for a weekend dessert, as her entire family fond of that. I asked her the procedure and took a small portion of glutinous rice from her to try out this recipe of thai sticky mango rice. To my surprise it turned out very well and we all loved it, personally being a reluctant person to try out new cusine, i personally loved it. The coconut milk mixed with sweet mangoes is a super duper combo. Try this out and let me know your feedback.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Paneer tikka hariyali
Hariyali paneer tikka is a restaurant style paneer recipe , i tasted this last year  in a restaurant, when we visited New Delhi. I have noted down that i should try this hariyali paneer tikka at  home. Recently came across thsi recipe of paneer tikka in a old cook book which i had with me. Incidently, I had all the ingredients in hand  and made this yesterday on a rainy day. I altered the original recipe according to suit my taste. I have made this hariyali paneer tikka on stove top. I have given the options to make this recipe in oven and microwave oven too. Please check the notes section to see how to make paneer tikka in oven and microwave too.
  Check out my Tandoori gobi recipe, which is similar to this recipe. I have also tried a veg tikka recipe which i will post it soon.

Monday, May 18, 2015


how to make idli batter -mixie
This is the first time i attempted idli batter recipe using a mixie. After the super hit of my idli batter recipe using grinder, many readers were asking me to post idli batter recipe using mixie. Though idli is a staple south indian breakfast , my kids are not much fond of that. But i make it once a week and pack it for them in the lunch box. My mom sometimes makes the batter in mixie,personally i have never tried it at home. Yesterday i attempted it and it was a super hit too. The idlis were very soft and fluffy. If it is for small quantity, you can surely try the batter using mixie. It turns out well for dosa too. Refer to the tips given at the end of the post. Check my idli recipe using idli rava.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Parathas are always loved by al at home. I normally make aloo paratha for kids lunch box or even for dinner. This sev paratha recipe i have seen in chef at large forum in facebook. The paratha recipe was posted by a blogger. I tried this few months  back. Today when i saw little sev left over in the packet i thought i will make this paratha and post it here. This tasted very awesome. A spicy paratha with a glass full of punjabi sweet lassi was my lunch today. I adapted the recipe from here. Even if you don't have any veggies at home, you can make this sev paratha at home.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


 Mint chaas or pudina chaas is nothing but a mint flavoured buttermilk. This is quite a refreshing one for this summer. Yesterday i made this and had a glass full of pudina chaas after my breakfast. Already i have posted neermor, masala chaas and inaddition to that try out this mint chaas and stay refreshed . The cute pots were painted by my reader aarti. Thanks to her.

Monday, May 11, 2015


Ragi is  also called as kezhvaragu in Tamil.I always make instant ragi dosa at home. When amma was here when we were talking casually she told we can soak whole ragi seeds and make ragi dosa too. So tried the mom's ragi dosa recipe and it was a super hit. Amma told the recipe using raw rice and i replaced with samai rice. You can add varagu too. Try including ragi in your diet as it has lot of health benefits. If you are looking for a healthy and super tasy crispy dosa,then try out this ragi dosa recipe. We had this ragi dosai with thakkali thokku and a glass of pudina chaas. Will post the recipe of chaas soon.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Mini-masala uttapam
Masala uttapam recipe, is a simple kids friendly tiffin or lunch box recipe. Not even kids even adults also love this very much. Actually i wanted to post 5 taste uttapam, whci we get in restaurants, but this masala uttapam is a long pending for me. So will post the 5 taste uttappam later for sure. I first tasted this in my friend's house during last navaratri. She made this for all guests and it stayed super soft even after 3 hours. From that day i wanted to buy a mini uttapam pan for me. When i was talking to her about the availabilily of the pan in India, i came to know it is quite common to find this in India now a days. Even i ordered online for my mom 2 months back. My friend's mom when she visited here 2 months after Navaratri gifted me this mini uttapam pan. I was so overwhelmed on seeing that. I made the masala uttapams many times after that but as a South indian i always make this for breakfast or dinner, i never had a chance to click the picture. When my mom was here last week, i made this for her and after going back to India she made this yesterday at home. She told me i searched the recipe of mini masala uttapam in jeyashri's kitchen but it was not there. I said i will post this for sure amma and finally came up with the post today.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Batata vada is similar to the south Indian Urulai kizhangu bonda . I happened to taste this  batata vada in my cousin's house last week. We attended a birthday party of her son and a cook lady came to help her in cooking. She made aloo vada for starter. The batata vadas were so nice and the way she made it me and mom loved it very much. So the floowing day i had my friends at home for a evening tea. So i made the batata vada for her on a rainy day evening. We all enjoyed it again with a cup of strong filter coffee. Let us see how to make batata vada.

Monday, May 4, 2015


pidi karanai masiyal
Karunai kizhangu masiyal| pidi karanai , many of us think this may be Yam, but this is different. This is a authentic recipe in Tamil brahmin cuisine.We don't add garlic or onion in this recipe. Generally this vegetable is very itchy and many will not use it much. But i have given tips to reduce the itchiness of the karunai kizhangu in this post. Amma makes masiyal with this. I bought this kizhangu 3 weeks back and made masiyal last week, In my mil's place we do it with yam and also the method is different. Even amma makes 2 varieties of masiyal with this pidi karanai. This one will be like kootu and the other one will be like sambar. Will share that recipe too soon. This version of masiyal my mom taught me last week when she was here and it turned out very well. During my childhood days, i never touch this when amma makes it. But now i love this masiyal and got few more yesterday to make this masiyal after 2 weeks.