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PARUPPU POORNAM KOZHUKATTAI modakam with video paruppu poornam kozhukatai fried modakam ellu kozhukattai DRY FRUITS MODAKAM Somasi
ULUNDU KOZHUKATTAI Kozhukattai maavu modakam using mould ammini kozhukattai with toor dal SUNDAL Moong dal modakam sesame ladoo

Friday, August 18, 2017

Kothamalli ammini kozhakattai , Kozhukattai recipes

Ammini Kozhakattai is always made at our place during Vinayagar chaturthi, using left over Kozhakattai maavu. Some times amma makes kozhakattai on normal days too as it's our family's favorite. Right from my childhood, i used to love the modakam and these cute mini ammini kozhakattai. This ammini kozhakattai can be had as a healthy snack too. You can substitute rice flour with wheat flour, ragi flour or millet flour too. I have tried curry leaves ammini kozhakattai once and loved it very much. Try out this flavorful Coriander leaves | Kothamalli ammini kozhakkatai at home. Check out my full collection of Ganesha chaturthi 2017 recipes. 
Kothamalli ammini - kozhakattai

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mexican chaat recipe , Fusion recipes

Mexican chaat, is a fusion chaat recipe, similar to the popular Indian chaat Bhel puri. Yesterday when Varsha was telling about some Cooking without fire competition in school, i gave her this idea. Today morning i sent all the ingredients to her for the competition and kept one more portion for my post too. As most of the kids like Doritos |nachos, this chaat will be a sure winner among kids. I have given few variations for this recipe in the notes section. Scroll down to see it. This chaat recipe is a perfect one for parties, you can keep everything ready and just mix everything at the time of serving.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Wheat flour sweet seedai, Gokulashtami recipes

Sweet seedai is a very simple seedai made with wheat flour, sugar and few other easy available ingredients. I have posted Vella seedai recipe where we add jaggery for sweetness. For beginners if you are still not confident  of the consistency of vella paagu for vella paagu, you can make this sweet seedai. This is a no fail, no burst seedai recipe. I saw this recipe of sweet seedai in a youtube video and made few changes in that. We all loved the sweet seedai.
Actually my plan was to post Milagu seedai but unfortunately it popped. I think the home made pepper powder is not so fine and thus this disaster. So found this recipe so easy and attempted it. Check out my full collection of Gokulashtami recipes.
Sweet- seedai recipe

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Besan Murukku recipe, Gokulashtami recipes

Besan murukku | Kadalamaavu murukku is a easy an instant murukku recipe made with store bought rice flour and store bought gram flour. I have given this recipe for Aval Kitchen 2 years back, for Diwali recipes. Later i fwill orgot to post the recipe of besan murukku  here. As Gokulashtami 2017 is on Aug 14, i thought i post the recipe of this easy murukku recipe. Check out my full collection of Janmastami recipes. I have posted the recipe of this murukku with a video.
Besan- murukku

Monday, August 7, 2017

Coconut Badam ladoo ,easy laddu recipe

Coconut Badam ladoo is an easy sweet recipe, made with almond(badam) powder, desiccated coconut, sugar and ghee as the main ingredients. During our India trip in June, my brother in law passed me a packet of almond powder to me and told to try some recipes with that. This week i thought i will post some Janmashtami | Krishna jayanthi recipes, also realised that today is Raksha bandan too. I first wanted to post Rava coconut ladoo. Then when i opened my freezer,saw this almond powder and tried this badam coconut laddu. It turned out very well and got ready in 20 minutes. Check out my full collection of Janmastami| Krishna jayanthi recipes and Raksha bandan recipes.
Scroll down till the end for tips and badam coconut laddu with step wise pictures.
Badam coconut- laddu

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Spicy Pomegranate raita with Alvas Natural Yogurt

Alvas Yogurt - A review

Yogurt|Curd|Thayir, we Indians include in our everyday meal, either in the form of curd rice or buttermilk or masala chaas.  I got a mail from Alvas, an Indian Diary Producer in Singapore, to  write a review on their yogurt. I readily accepted it and they sent me their products in 2 days.
Alvas Natural curd comes in 3 different sizes, 200ml, 500ml and 1litre. 
Alvas Natural Yoghurt is available in Sheng Shiong outlets, FairPrice shops and Mustafa Center in Singapore. I felt the availability of the yogurt is quite reachable to all, as we have Sheng Shiong and FairPrice outlets island wide. Apart from these places, it is available in all Indian Mini marts. Coming  to the price, the 200 ml is priced 1.20 SGD , the 500ml is 2.80 SGD and the 1 litre is priced 5.40 SGD. 
This review is based on my personal opinion. I am not paid by the company to write the review. I was given only the yogurt by Alvas Natural. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Chakka unniyappam | Jackfruit uniappam recipe

Chakka unniappam with video
Chakka unniyappam or jackfruit neiappam, is generally made using chakka varati.  We make unniappam | nei appam for aavani avittam, Gokulashtami and Karthigai deepam. After making jackfruit modagam, i wanted to try jackfruit poli and ela adai this year. Ela adai , few days back my friend's mom taught me while she was making it. But today due to some urgent work, i didn't have time to make poli or ela adai.  During our India trip in June, we attended a wedding in Kerala and came to know that they make nei appam with jackfruit. So i thought i will give it a try. It tasted so awesome, if you are a jackfruit lover then you will love it for sure. The nei appams were crispy outside and soft inside. Check out my
Chakka- unniyappam

Monday, July 31, 2017

Mint Coriander Chutney recipe for dosa, idli

Peanut flavored mint coriander chutney, goes well with idli and dosa. Last week while making puliyodarai for lunch box, the peanut box was kept on the kitchen counter. I was busy preparing chutney for dosa on the other side and instead of adding urad dal or channa dal for making the chutney, i added peanuts and turned out so well. Varsha, my daughter is a huge fan of green chutney, loved this peanut flavored mint chutney. Today i made this again to post the recipe of Kothamalli pudina chuntey. I have made a quick video for this chutney recipe too. Check out my collection of Chutney recipes.  
Mint coriander chutney

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Paneer in white gravy | Malai paneer recipe

Malai paneer gravy | Paneer in white gravy, is a rich creamy white gravy, goes well with roti, naan and spicy pulaos. Generally i make paneer gravy with onion tomato base. Even for malai kofta also i make the same thing but recently during my India trip i happened to taste Malai kofta in white gravy, in a party. I tried this with biryani and naan and it tasted well with both. I tried the same with paneer yesterday. This is similar to the methi malai mutter. You can make koftas also with this White gravy as base. I adapted the recipe from Tarla dalal's website, with little changes. Even for parties or potlucks you can include this along another spicy tomato based gravy, it will be a great combo to pair these with naan, rotis and pulao.
Malai paneer gravy

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Masala paratha recipe | Square paratha

Parathas| Indian flat bread, those who know me personally, will vouch my love for both cooking and eating parathas. . As such i am a great fan of one pot meal and to me Paratha is a also an one pot meal😋. When i posted the triangle paratha, i wanted to try out the square paratha. But somehow missed it. Last week when i was scrolling in Instagram, i happened to see this masala square paratha in a restaurant page. This paratha can be packed for lunch box too as it stays soft even after few hours. So finally i tried this today for my breakfast. You can have this for lunch or dinner too.  I have posted this Square paratha recipe with a quick video, so that it will be easy for beginners to get the shape.
Check out my other paratha recipes:
Masala square paratha