Exam time - Healthy eating recipes

During exam times, children spend most of the time in preparing for the exams. Some may study long hours in night and some may get up early and prepare for the exam. My daughter Varsha is in 10th std.now and will be appearing for the board exams in March 2017. So i thought i will compile a list of healthy recipes from jeyashris kitchen, in one place, which will help many moms to plan for a healthy diet of kids during the exam. Apart from the recipes, drink lot of water, take tender coconut water( elaneer), eat fruits (not sugar loaded juices). Avoid junk foods and cheese loaded foods during exam time. Never skip a meal during the exam time. Have your breakfast before you go for the exam. Take almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds daily in small portions. Stay calm and prepare well for your exams. Wish all the students a very bright future and best of luck. Click on the name of the recipe to get redirected to the links.
exam time recipes
 I have just complied few of the healthy recipes which i have already posted in jeyashris kitchen. Apart from this i have lot more recipes for which you can refer my recipe index page. I have given a guidance for healthy recipes here in this page, and i am not claiming that these recipes will only boost the energy the children to perform well in the exam. 

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