Exam time – Healthy eating

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During exam times, children spend most of the time in preparing for the exams. Some may study long hours in night and some may get up early and prepare for the exam. My daughter Varsha is in 10th std.now and will be appearing for the board exams in March 2017. So i thought i will compile a list of healthy recipes from jeyashris kitchen, in one place, which will help many moms to plan for a healthy diet of kids during the exam. Apart from the recipes, drink lot of water, take tender coconut water( elaneer), eat fruits (not sugar loaded juices). Avoid junk foods and cheese loaded foods during exam time. Never skip a meal during the exam time. Have your breakfast before you go for the exam. Take almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds daily in small portions. Stay calm and prepare well for your exams. Wish all the students a very bright future and best of luck. Click on the name of the recipe to get redirected to the links.

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I have just complied few of the healthy recipes which i have already posted in jeyashris kitchen. Apart from this i have lot more recipes for which you can refer my recipe index page. I have given a guidance for healthy recipes here in this page, and i am not claiming that these recipes will only boost the energy the children to perform well in the exam.

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1. Spinach soup
2. Garlic almond soup
3. Beetroot soup
4. Fruit chaat
5. Avocado milkshake recipe
6. Fruit sundal
7. Mixed bean salad
8. Carrot rice
9. Palak pulao
10. Curry leaves pulao
11. Corn methi pulao
12. Rajma pulao
13. Dal kichidi
14. Mooli ka paratha
15. Mixed vegetable paratha
16. Bajra roti
17. Ragi aloo methi paratha
18. Jowar roti
19. Dal paratha
20. Dal palak
21. Rajma masala
22. Masoor dal tadka
23. Carrot dal
24. Lauki channa dal kootu
25. Green moong dal sabzi
26. Ridge gourd dal
27. Venthaya keerai sambar
28. Keerai masiyal and poriyal
29. Keerai molagootal
30. Beetroot curry
31. Cabbage peas curry
32. Chickpeas Sundal
33. Chick Peas Sundal
34. Pasiparuppu Sundal
35. Kadalai paruppu Sundal – Navaratri sundal recipe
36. Peanut | Verkadalai sundal
37. Pattani sundal – Green peas sundal
38. Mochai sundal
39. Rajma sundal
40. Sweet corn sundal
41. Chaat Sundal – no onion no garlic
42. Navadhanya Sundal
43. Fruit sundal
44. Godhuma dosa
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45. Thinnai pesarattu
46. Samai upma recipe
47. Millet tomato dosai
48. Thayir semiya
49. Ragi dosa
50. Aval idli
51. Whole wheat dosai
52. Batata poha
53. Bread channa
54. Yogurt sandwich
55. Pori upma
56. Sweet corn pasta
57. Bread dahi chaat
58. Oats chaat
59. Wholewheat pancake
60. Granola recipe
61. Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie
62. Watermelon and Orange Juice
63. Spiced Butter milk – Neer mor
64. Grape and Orange Drink
65. Pomegranate and Orange juice
66. Nutella dates Milkshake
67. Guava strawberry juice
68. Mango Lassi
69. Strawberry Milkshake
70. Pineapple juice with orange
71. Aam Ka Paana – raw mango drink
72. Orange Barley drink
73. Panagam – Summer cooler – Rama navami special
74. Thandai – holi special
75. Apple carrot juice
76. Watermelon cucumber cooler
77. Masala Chaas
78. Mango Milkshake
79. Ragi chocolate milkshake
80. Vazhaithandu mor
81. Beetroot juice
82. Gulkand milkshake
83. Mint lemon cooler
84. Pudina chaas
85. Millet cucumber lassi
86. Kesar Lassi
87. Badam milkshake
88. Banana almond milkshake


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