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Simple Indian vegetarian recipes

Simple Indian vegetarian recipes for the lockdown period- I received messages from many readers on social media to post simple recipes with available ingredients, during this lockdown period. I know it is quite a challenging time for all of us. For us living in Hongkong, we are staying indoors for the past 2 months. Thank god we are getting all the essentials and the city is not completely locked down. I know the situation in India is not the same and people go out only to get essentials. Also, the supply is very limited and the prices are quite high too.

I will be sharing some simple Indian vegetarian recipes for lockdown in Jeyashri’s kitchen for the next 2 weeks. Meanwhile, I want to share the easy recipes which are already posted in Jeyashris kitchen. Also, please check out the YouTube video on my experience in handling this lockdown period.

Always keep stock of Dry items like dal, rajma, chana, dals, poha, flour, millets, and other legumes. This will be helpful when you completely run out of veggies. Keep stock of Onion, tomato, and potato, we can make lots of things out of that. Apart from these during your quarantine time do 30 minutes of simple work out at home. This will develop your immunity and makes you feel fresh all day. Do check out my Turmeric milk recipe and Kashayam recipe.

Click on the names of the recipes to get the link to the recipe. Stay tuned for new recipes coming up and also don’t forget to subscribe Jeyashri’s kitchen on YouTube. Follow us on Instagram too to get live updates. As the website has more than 1200 plus recipes, I am just sharing some really simple recipes. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. For snacks, drinks, and sweets recipes please check Jeyashri’s kitchen recipe index page

Breakfast | Tiffin recipes

1.Puli Upma
2. Arisi Upma
3. Aval/Poha Upma
4. Rava Idli
5. Kuzhi Paniyaram-CHETTINAD STYLE
6. Adai-Crispy lentil Dosa
7. Sabudana/Sago Upma
8. Semiya/Vermicelli Upma
9. Kanchipuram Idli
10. Ven Pongal
11. Broken Wheat Upma
12. Puli Aval – Tamarind poha
13. Upma Kozhukattai | Pidi Kozhukattai
14. Rava Pongal
15. Pesarattu Dosai
16. Instant Oats Idli
17. Milagu Aval
18. OatsUpma
19. Chapathi upma
20. Idli Upma recipe
21. Godhumai dosai- Wheat Dosai
22. Podi Idli recipe
23. Pori Upma
24. Tomato Kuzhi paniyaram
25. Rava Khichidi
26. Idli using idli rava
27.. Kal dosai recipe
28. Moong dal puttu
29. Thinai pesarattu
30. Samai Upma
31. Millet tomato dosai
33. Thayir semaiya |curd semiya
34. Akki roti – karnataka style
35. Mini masala uttapam
36. Ragi dosa
37. Podi sevai recipe
38. Poha idli | aval idli
39. Javarisi upma
40. Rava upma recipe
41. Thinai ven pongal
43. Ragi adai
44. Kharabath
45. Set dosa recipe
46. Instant rava kuzhipaniyaram
47. Tomato Poha
48. Oats savory porridge
49. Dosa for travel
50. Mor kali recipe
51. Vendaya kali
52. Batata poha
53. Bhatura recipe
54. Ragi rava idli
55. Besan cheela
56. Kambu dosai
57. Samba wheat adai
58. Veg uttapam recipe
59. Mor aval
60. Vella adai
61. Chilli cheese dosa
62. Palak poori
63. Ragi vegetable kuzhi paniyaram
64. Instant ragi rava dosa
65. Overnight savory oats
66. Millet masala poha
67. Ulundu kali recipe
68. Matar poha recipe
69. Barley dosai recipe
70. Moong flour pancake
71. Lemon poha recipe
72. Mango overnight oats
73. Puli pongal
74. Uppu huli khara dosa
75. Avalakkai upkari- Poha recipes
76. Masala sago upma
77. Kerala matta rice adai

Also, check out Chutney recipes from Jeyashri’s kitchen.

Simple Lunch recipes

1. Vangi Bath
2. Coconut Rice
3. Coriander Rice
4. Bisibelabath(Sambar Rice)
5. Tomato Rice | Thakkali sadam
6. Mango Rice
7. Carrot Rice
8. Thayir sadam | Curd rice
9. Lemon Rice
10. Temple style Puliyodarai – Iyengar puliyodarai
11. Ellu Sadam
12. Peanut Rice
13. Sambar Sadam – Restaurant style
14. Andhra pulihora
15. Millet tomato rice
16. Pudina rice
17. Milagu sadam
18. Chitranna recipe
19. Curry leaves Rice
20. Nellikaai sadam
21. Pepper flavored curry leaves rice
22. Kovil Thayir sadam | temple style curd rice
23. Thakkali sadam ( no onion no garlic)
24. Millet capsicum rice
25. Millet bisi bele bath
26. Kopparai sadam
27. Millet veg pulao
28. Millet kalkandu bath
29. Kadugu sadam
30. Rasam Sadam
31. Mango Pulihora
32. Vetrilai poondu sadam- Betel leaves rice
33. Jeera Pulao | Jeera Rice
34. Semiya Biryani
35. Tomato Biryani
36. Vegetable Biryani in Pressure Cooker
37 Baby corn Pulao
38. Tawa pulao
39. Beetroot Pulao
40. Rajma pulao
41. Curry leaves pulao
42. Dal kichidi
43. Kuska recipe
44. Coriander pulao
45. Chilli Garlic fried rice
46. Masala rice
47. Poha fried rice
48. Raw mango pulao
49. Chutney pulao
50. Paneer masala rice
51. Potato pulao
52. Methi matar pulao
53. Sweet corn fried rice
54. Cashew pulao
55. Mushroom biryani
56. Pepper Kuzhambu
57. Vatha Kuzhambhu
58. Morkuzhambhu
59. PuliKaichal
60. Kara Kuzhambhu
61. Ennai Kathrikkai Kuzhambhu
62. Karuvepillai kuzhambhu – Curry leaves in tamarind gravy
63. Thakkali | Tomato Vatha Kuzhambhu
64. Brinjal Gravy – Without tamarind
65. Beetroot Vathakuzhambhu
66. Poondu Kuzhambhu
67. Vengaya Vathakuzhambhu
68. Thakkali kuzhambu
69. Thatta payar kuzhambhu
70. Chettinad karuveppilai kuzhambu
71. Paruppu urundai kuzhambhu
72. Sukku milagu kuzhambu
73. Pumpkin kuzhambu
74. Mochai kuzhambu
75. Maa vathal kuzhambu
76. Cucumber seeds tambli
77. Kothavarangai kottu – Cluster beans kootu
78. Tomato dal
79. Cabbage kootu
80. Tomato Rasam
81. Garlic Rasam-Poondu Rasam
82. Jeera rasam
84. Lemon Rasam
85. Vepampoo rasam
86. Pepper Rasam
87. Ginger lemon rasam
88. Paruppu rasam
89. Mor rasam
90. Omavalli rasam
91. Tomato saaru – Mangalore style rasam
92. Killu milagai rasam- Goddu rasam
93. Missi Roti
94. Lachha Paratha
95. Sev paratha
96. Rajma Cheese Paratha | mexican paratha
97. Masala square paratha
98. Ajwain paratha
99. Dhaba style aloo paratha
100. Papad ki sabzi
101. Potato Kurma
102. Appalam sambar
103. Capsicum sambar with moong dal
104. Chole masala without onion tomato

 Apart from these recipes, we have a huge collection of podi recipes, Thogayal recipes,
Sundal recipes in Jeyashri’s kitchen. Check out the Jeyashris kitchen recipe index page for more recipes.

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